Allure Spa by Abiss Copy Version

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

After last month review of Abiss Decadence full set i did have so many positive reaction from readers. So this time for your reading pleasure something brand new form Frasha Boa store in same amazing 100% mesh impeccable design
Allure Spa by Abiss Copy Version.

First lets hear form creator Frasha Boa owner of Abiss Interior Design store how she describes it:

"Abiss Design proudly presents latest hot tub in our range. This particular model is most advanced and detailed tub we ever made. Variety of materials and colors for both inside and outside together with modify rights, offer unlimited customization options for end user. Mesh made, carefully using several optimizations for level of details brings outstanding details and low prim to every resident. Diversity of animations and poses will satisfy even most demanding customer.

Spa details:

Prim count - 9
modify rights
cabinet textures - external - 9 choices
shell textures - internal - 9 choices

bonus steps with mod and copy permissions with matching textures

suitable for up to 7 avatars - sitting/laying
minimum of 20 animations per each seat, carefully selected and positioned
pose ball system with carefully selected animations (200 animations sorted in roughly 100 couple poses) - various categories that will satisfy everyones taste

Spa has multiple user-menu features:
pose ball animations access
texture control
external steps show/hide toggle
light effect on/off
water fill/drain
water jets on/off
water sounds on/off
steam particle effect (discrete) on/off
full bright toggle on/off
user access control

touching anywhere on tub gives access to user menu

sitting on tub allows avatar to select position and pose according to ones gender.

in case of some sitting animations, it might be necessary to turn off AO.

When you sit on tub, you get menu for pose and seat selection. If you click on ignore at some point and close that menu, in order to bring it up again, you either need to stand up and sit again, or touch one of three adjacent cushions.

Touching anywhere on tub but cushions and control like prim will bring up main menu at any time. Control button prim will give you pose ball menu alone, which is also accessible via main menu.

poses for sitting can be adjusted with "adjust" option from sitter menu.

Poses for couple poses are adjusted via pose ball menu. Same pose ball menu is customizable and additional animations can be added with some MLPV2 knowledge."

The way i see it its another amazingly well made product from Abiss Interior Design store, awesome in design and performance in more then fair price.

It will be decoration and eye catcher in any space where you decide to rez it. All round menu, thats not just sex oriented will satisfy all socializing requests that you put in front of it, in same way that xxx menu will do in terms of your sensual and erotic needs.  

All menus are easy to use, and responsive, animations high quality and smooth. And after hours and hours of trying and testing new Allure Spa by Abiss Copy Version in my SL home i was not able to find any flaws or something that is not good.

With all that said i recommend new Allure Spa by Abiss Copy Version that you can find on SL market place and in world store on links below the text:



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