Smooching Serpent (RLV)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


When one piece of furniture carries name of the store that's good sign that we have premium item in front of us. All best animations, design, choices and performance all in one item;  Smooching Serpent (RLV).

This is how the owner and creator, Eve Light, describes it:

made with love by SmoochingSerpents

....the Snake will fuck your soul out of your body...so be aware if you don't wanna lose it!


- high quality animations (not being able to count them)
- couples: cuddles, massage, lesbian, FM foreplay, femdom, footfetish, whip&slap, BDSM1, BDSM2, snake fuck (=fucking machine)
-3somes: cuddles, FFF, FFM, MMF, 2Tops, 2Subs
-4somes: 3Tops, 3Subs, "Tops/2Subs

- powerful fucking machine
- join the Serpent! (for example get licked while she takes it hard in the ass ;-)
- facial expressions
- gives cuffs, flogger, bullwhip, strapon, ass hook
- lockguard compatible
- SmoochingSerpents Piercing compatible
- great design

- RLV Trap / Scanner and Force Sit!


- Loads Preset Restriction Settings for a quick tie down:
"Totally Helpless" makes the sub totally helpless and blind (ALL possible restrictions!)
"Public Slut" makes the sub perfectly restricted for fucking in public (BlurView, strip, block IM, CuffsOn, + more)
"Romance" makes a nice romantic setting (loads Preset Environment "Red Delight", blocks Chat, strip, CuffsOn)

- control the victims communication (block read/send Chat, IM, Emote, force Whisper, force Normal)

- misc restrictions like no see names, no edit, no rezz, no fartouch, no scripts, no see textures, no notecards, + more

- hide map, minimap and location
- Force TP your victim:
* to preset places (TP DestinationMenu)
* to a destination of your choice

- control the subs view (Blur the screen, Blind/totally black screen)
- Ambience: make the subs environment glow red, look like a fairy tale, dark foggy, or surreal (Preset Environments)
- Camera: control the subs camera (sub can still cam but the camera will always go back to the setting you chose!)
- Daytime: force change the subs Daytime

- Force Strip, force Detach, forbid wearing clothes, forbid Detach/Attach
- Force Cuffs on: the viewer will search for a folder named "cuffs" in the subs shared folders and attach them
- Give Cuffs: the sub will be given cuffs into a shared folder and the viewer can force attach them with "CuffsOn"
I'm sure i forgot something...you'll find out!"

In without doubt unique design, Smooching Serpent (RLV) is eye catcher. Where ever you rez it all will notice it. Suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces, dungeons etc its safe to say we have universal item for review today. Additional copy feature makes it ideal for club owners or SL land lords to.

Main menu is made in MultiPose RLV 2.0 system, easy to use, divided on following sub menus: RLV, couples, 3some, 4some, givestuff and options button. On first look maybe little "common" lay out, but if you dig deeper and click each of those menu buttons it will lead you to more and more sub menus and you will be pleasantly surprised in what this Smooching Serpent (RLV) product can do.

The animations are in high quality, carefully chosen and precise aligned to provide you with maximum visual animated stimulation for your sensual RP moments. They are long in duration and frames per second rich, giving this Smooching Serpent (RLV) product additional touch of class and top level in all segments.

Great in design and amazing in performance, with out any glitch or malfunction on test for this review Smooching Serpent (RLV) did deserve my recommendation to all of you my readers, and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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