[AA] Basket Hoop

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I was asked from you, my dear readers, to recommend some unusual items for urban sims decorations with sex menu. I did researching and in "sea" of dumpsters, lamps and similar objects that all have i did find this; [AA] Basket Hoop. Now how cool is that :)

Description and technical details from creator, Alina Graf:

"This is a sex animated basket hoop use.
** Not playable **
Place it on your urban sex sim for any player and cheerleader role play game.
Only 3 prims, Xpose engine and Xcite compatibility.

• 3 prims
• 41 single and couple poses intended for cheerleader/player role play or simply to have sex
• 78 homemade animations, looped and smooth
• facial expressions and swap function
• Xpose engine with Xcite compatibility

Lamp & objects are MOD, COPY
Animations are COPY
Scripts are COPY

Click on the Lamp to have Main Menu. From Help button you can have help manual"

Unique and prim light, this well designed [AA] Basket Hoop will be ideal decoration and highly functional item for any urban or ghetto sim.

Main menu is user friendly made in XPOSE (version 4.0) system, divided on following sub menus: teases, oral, sex1, sex2, sex&cum and options button. Nothing complicated, just rez, let it load and enjoy :)

When it comes to animations, and i did said that many times before, Alina certainly is one of the best in SL. All animations are hand made by her, and she is in biz since 2009. so she knows what she is doing. Top in quality and performance with smooth transition, highly realistic, they will make you use this [AA] Basket Hoop over and over again.

On the test for this review [AA] Basket Hoop was performing with out any flaw, animations where well aligned for average sized avatars and all was smooth and the way it should be. Thats why i can with clear conscience recommend this fine product to all my readers, that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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