[AF] I.L. Teacher's Desk (v2)

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Another great addition to Sin Mikado's school/college series of furniture is just released [AF] I.L. Teacher's Desk (v2). Abandoned Freight Main Store continues to provide us with top quality specialized RP furniture in great design and fair price.

Description and technical details from creator, Sin Mikado:

"Abandoned Freight's

Intimate Lesson - Teacher's Desk


Finishing up our first set of School and Classroom items, We present our low prim impact Teacher's Desk filled with many animations from Roleplay, Cuddling, Seduction, Oral, Sex, Discipline and Forced! As always our products don't rez crap to squeeze in extra poses.

Low 4-5 prim designs

179 High Quality Animations

Classroom School RP Poses

MF Student Teacher RP, Discipline, Forced, Corrupted ;)

4 Playable Scenes, Modifiable

RLV Enabled

TMCP - Poseball Free

Abandoned Freight offers a variety of Adult furniture and other goods. Specializing unique themed products for both Home Public and Dungeon play no matter the sim's theme at a Low Cost while still keeping Quality at mind! Come Visit our inworld store and hangout, Abandoned for Events, Special Sales and Promos for group members."

First that you will notice after opening purchase box is that you actually have two tables in side. This time its not "space filler" with out scripts, bout of them have identical menu, difference is in table surface decoration.

Menu is with out pose balls, user friendly, divided on following sub menus: alone, teachers pet, punishment, RLV and options button.

All the animations used in new [AF] I.L. Teacher's Desk (v2) are high quality and frames per second rich, chosen for this new product to provide you with maximum visual animated stimulation for your sensual and erotic RP moments.

On the review for this new product i was not able to find any flaw to this new product, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and RLV was working flawlessly

With all that said i can only recommend this successful new addition to school furniture series from Abandoned Freight Main Store to all my readers, that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:


Now also available: full classroom set on discounted price:



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