Bad Eddy's - Special Treat Lap Dance Chair (Brown) v1.2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BadEddy

- Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's

It seems that new clubs are getting opened each day, and i get so many requests from you, my dear readers, about good dancing chairs with sex menu. Few of you where even particular on what you like to read, so here it is, Bad Eddy's - Special Treat Lap Dance Chair (Brown) v1.2. Available in brown and black, this chair will get you with look, price and performance.

Description and technical details from creator, BadEddy:

"90 smooth TOP QUALITY ANIMATIONS put together in a nicely textured mesh chair is what we propose with the Bad Eddy's Special Treat Lap Dance Chair. No low grade outdated animations in here, only the best from the best animators in Second Life.

4 solo sitting animation

1 menu full of cuddle animations

2 menus full of smooth top quality dance options

1 menu full of sex animation

1 menu just for spanking (why not!)

7 prims

No ugly poseballs: Just sit!

Yes Copy, Yes Modify, No Transfer (will show as no modify in your inventory because of the scripts and animation but the prim work can be modified without problem)."

Ideal for club owners and land lords, because it is copy, this chair will fell welcome in any good high class decorated club or private home. Made in timeless design with low prim it also have menu that will not leave you cold.

After you sit on it, main menu done in AVsitter™ 1.29 no pose balls system will pop out, logical and easy to use, covering all from male and female sits, cuddles, dances, sex and spanking.

All animations used in this fine product, Bad Eddy's - Special Treat Lap Dance Chair (Brown) v1.2, are in top quality, carefully chosen for all needs and tasks that one lap dancer chair with happy ending needs to for fill. Great animated visual stimulation for your sensual and erotic RP moments.

With all that said i can only recommend this Bad Eddy's - Special Treat Lap Dance Chair (Brown) v1.2 to all my readers, specially to all that looking for new good dancing chair in high class design. This and other high quality products from Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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