Alto set by Abiss

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

After so many requests for new Abiss products from you, my dear readers, im finally glad that i can present to you just released Alto set by Abiss. In purchase box you will find sofa, two armchairs and central table in 100% mesh in that traditional rich and breath taking Abiss design.

Technical details and description provided by creator, Frasha Boa:

"Thank You for interest in this lovely furniture set.
Alto set consists of sofa, 2 armchairs and central table.
100 % mesh design
sofa - 5 prims
2x armchair - 3 prims
central table - 2 prims
Total: 13 prims
Permissions are Mod and Transfer.
Mod/Copy version available in-world at our store.

armchair animations - 12

sofa animations - approx 200(170 animations with pose ball system - friends, cuddles, adult intercourse, 3some cuddles and adult both MMF and FFM)

* Texture control:

-To easily change textures all together, use the HUD which comes with package.
-You can set individual texture on each set piece and set access rights by sitting on couch/armchair afterwards get texture access/control alongside animation control.

* Animation control:

Regular sit / lay:

sit on object, sofa or armchair. Choose your gender, then choose animation you prefer. In sofa case, you can change sitting place with swap ( left or right seat). Poses alignment is adjustable via same menu.

Menu Driven pose balls:

You should be standing first. Touch sofa seats or recline, and menu will come up. Menu options are self explanatory.
Choose from Pg animations, over adult ones to 3some adult. Optionally it can give you a coffee mug from PG sub-menu ;)


Can I unlink sofa or chairs?
Better dont, you will probably mess up link order and thus, the texture control.

Can I set to full bright?
yes, objects are mod, you can do that by editing objects.

Can I add my own animations?
By all means, yes. Sit engine used is AVsitter, and pose ball engine is MLPV2 - you can find related documentation online.

My MLP sofa gives me script error, what should I do?
select sofa and restart scripts in it. It will take few minutes for sure, but it will do the job.

How do I remove shadow?
Best and safest way would be to plunge object few centimeters in floor. or if you are more confident, set that individual piece transparency to 100.

I want to set different texture for sofa and armchair. How do I do that ?
sit on sofa, use texture option from menu pop up and make your pick. For armchair, repeat the process. For central table, just touch it and set its color. You should also set access level for each of those if you dont want your visitors/guests to fiddle with textures ;)

I want to use only non adult animations, my sofa is at my shop, how do I set that?
Inside sofa there is concealed prim rectangular shape, just under the cushions more to the front of sofa. Inside it there are few notecards labeled MENUITEMS - those contain the menu items. You can delete those you don't want to use or just edit contents of those notecards, just make a backup first.

For any questions about product, feel free to contact Frasha Boa or Oggy Bonetto, IM is fine, but notecard preferably."

Its hard to add anything to such rich description so i will stick to my personal impressions about Alto set by Abiss.

Like i did mention before, when it comes to design of house or furniture its hard to beat Abiss. Same is with this new Alto set. Its modern and timeless in same time, with one of the biggest texture changers that i see in SL. Choice of fabrics and designs will define it in more modern look or in traditional high class look. In any way you got plenty of choices.

Menus are easy to use and covering all from sits and cuddles to couple and 3some sex. Animations are chosen to meet that top design with top quality and performance so they are smooth in transition and well aligned and providing you with exceptional visual animated stimulation for your sensual and erotic RP moments.

After testing the whole Alto set for couple days i was not able to find any downside or flaw to it. All is working perfect and i even decide to keep it permanent rezzed on top floor of my castle. That much about recommendation ;)

This new Alto set by Abiss and other fine Abiss Interior Design products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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