Rhapsody Milk-O-Matic

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iva Rhapsody

- Rhapsody XXX store

Today's new interesting item comes from Rhapsody XXX store, and its unique build RLV device primarily for milking fetish and breast play with plenty more other options.

Description and technical details form creator, Iva Rhapsody:

"This fully animated milking machine features-

-Fully Adjustable Milking Frame
Saves Configuration For The Owner & Last 16 Avatars
Player, Milker, Oral, Anal & Vaginal Assemblies
"Remembers" Saved Positions Even when Taken Into Inventory & Rerezzed

-Owner Selectable Textures
Frame ( 9 Wood/9 Metal )
Fittings (9 Metal )

- Animated Operator & Victim Poses

- Animated Pumps & Teat Cups

- Animated Prim Cum & Particle Drip

- Independently Controlled Milker, Oral & Lower Pump Speeds

- Owner Selected Access ( Owner, Group, Everyone )

- Owner Selected Scripted Text ( Off, Private, Public )

- Owner Selected Lockable Play Mode ( Forced, Consensual )

- Sound F/X With Volume Control

- RLV Enabled & Fully Configurable
3 Modes - Select Victim ( Menu, Random, Random Timed Trap )
Owner Settable Range, Timeout & Delay Between Scans
Strips & Force Sits Victim
Safe Word System Can Be Enabled/Disabled By Owner

RLV enabled, it can be used with or without rlv, with rlv enabled the victim is automatically captured, stripped and held till released."

Filled with options, Rhapsody Milk-O-Matic is very easy and logical to use. After i did rezz it and make first few clicks, all was right where it should be. RVL and whole device was working flawlessly, animations where smooth in transitions, well aligned for medium sized avatars and all props was coming up fine. For more then affordable price of just 500L$ really amazing work.

All animations used in this fine new device are premium in quality, with animated bone structure and plenty frames per second they giving you awesome visual animated stimulation for your erotic RP moments.

Breast and milk fetishists don't wait, this is with out any doubt "must have" device for you and with my recommendation you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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