*DEDICATED* Quickie Sex Rug - copyable

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mony Lindman


We all do like furniture that is good looking and low in prim, and low priced with high quality menu and animations. So im sure you will like my review today, my dear readers, and this new fine item from DEDICATED Store, *DEDICATED* Quickie Sex Rug - copyable.

For the amazing price of just 149 L$ you will get one prim rug with texture changer and HUD with the same menu as the rug and many more extras in the purchase box. Now ain't that awesome offer or what? :)

Description and technical details from creator, Mony Lindman:

"*** QUICKIE SEX HUD + RUG - copyable ***

This is NOT a promo! Permanent LOW PRICE!

2 in 1 - You get :

- 1 Quickie Sex HUD - copyable

- 1 Quickie Sex RUG - copyable

- 1 separate scripted "Heart" with all the erotic sounds - copyable

- 1 BONUS : free Facial Expression HUD - full permissions

Features of the Quickie Sex HUD & RUG:

- 40 quality animations ( 20 poses ) for couples in 2 menus : kiss , cuddle , oral sex and sex

- Smooth transitions between poses !

- Separate menu for HAND FREE SEQUENCES with 3 choices as to how long EACH animation should pay:
15 sec. , 30 sec. and 60 sec. The sequences repeat automatically in a loop. You can also PAUSE and RESUME the sequence.

- Menu driven EROTIC SOUNDS in each item and one separate sound module, in the form of a "heart" which you can rezz , so that your partner can chose and play different sounds then the ones you are playing (or both partners can use the heart in the case of the Quickie Sex HUD , because sounds form a worn HUD can only be heard by the person who wears it).

- Facial Expressions by default + separate notecard with all poses WITHOUT facial expressions ( to replace if you don't like facial expressions )

- If you do like facial expressions however, you can enhance the defaults with the Facial Expressions HUD. This is full permissions, so you can also give it to your partner.

- In addition, the RUG has also a menu driven TEXTURE CHANGE function ( for the HUD this is not necessary ). You can chose any of the 9 textures included or add your own up to a total of 22 textures. One INVISIBLE texture is also included so you can for instance rezz the RUG on your bed and make it invisible from menu. In this case the rug acts as a "sex bed add-on"

Positions can be selected one by one in the menu or you can chose to play them as sequence in a loop. In sequence mode you can also pause the loop at any time by clicking the button PAUSE if you wish to remain longer in a certain position. To continue, click on RESUME.


http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lu%20Dongbin/111/218/279 (adult land)

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Antemerle/118/220/1602 (adult land)

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Left%20Of%20Heaven/225/161/22 (mature land)


Full Permissions for : notecards , MLP scripts , Facial Expression HUD

Copy / Mod for : prims, sounds, textures

Copy only for : animations and some scripts"

Hot product with hot price for SL summer; with such price and low prim, or even no prim at all if you use HUD there is no excuse not to buy one lol

Main menu is in MLPV2.4z7 system, logical and user friendly, divided in following sub menus: 1by1, sequences, sounds, texture and buttons for options. Nothing confusing or adjusting period demanding, just rez and enjoy.

The animations used in this fine product are in top quality, and after testing new *DEDICATED* Quickie Sex Rug - copyable, i can say they are smooth in transition and well aligned for average sized avatars. The whole product is functioning flawless so don't let low price confuse you, because quality is very high.

With my recommendation you can find this *DEDICATED* Quickie Sex Rug - copyable, and other fine DEDICATED Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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