*GEL* RLV Canopy Bed Set,3.0,650

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Gerritt Resident

- Gerritt Enterprises Limited

Good furniture in SL does not have to cost 5000 L$ or more. That was one of main reasons i opened my blog almost year ago. Many creators working hard and producing quality furniture that they keep affordable for all SL users. One of them is Gerritt Resident, owner and creator of Gerritt Enterprises Limited store. today, for your reading pleasure only, i present you his new *GEL* RLV Canopy Bed Set, with price of just 650 L$.

Few words and technical details from creator, Gerritt Resident:

"Bondage by *GEL* is proud to present a new collection of all mesh furniture combining the quality look of baked MESH with the fun of RLV.

The RLV Canopy Bed is a beautiful quality baked textured all mesh bed built to enhance the look of any bedroom. From the lace canopy to the carved posters attention has been given to every aspect of this beautiful build. Complete with additional poses turning the poster bed into a whipping frame this piece will bring hours of RP fun to any couple.

• MORE than 100 fully synchronized positions (over 200 total animations)
- 2 and 3 some Cuddles
- Sits
- Domination
- Sex
- Cuddles
- After Care
- Color Changing Menu
- Toys including whip, vibrator and cuffs
• RLV enabled (sub must be relay enabled)
- Auto Strip
- Force Capture
- RLV restrictions control

► FEATURES Details:
• Seats 2 to 3 , Includes a wide variety of animations!
• MORE 100 sex Top Quality Animations (fully Synchronized).
• Many animated Cuddles Couples animations and cool Single poses.

• No pose-ball design-save prims
• Full menu driven
• 100% Mesh.
• High LOD quality MESH.
• Baked texture shadows.
• Floor Shadows

►PURCHASE Includes:
• 1 Canopy Bed
►DISPLAYED at our main store-try before you buy!
►Problem or Question?

Simply SEND AN IM OR A NOTECARD TO Geldough Resident with the details of your Transaction order/Question.
I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible-usually within 24 hours.

Bondage by *GEL* © Design Copyright."

Simplicity in use usually means that product is dependable and quality made to last. Thats the case with *GEL* RLV Canopy Bed Set to, main menu is logical and use friendly, divided on following sub menus: misc, sounds, toys, 2some, 3some, dances, domination, sync, swap offset and admin button.

With quality animations, RLV feature and great design, i was enjoying my self testing this fine new product, and im glad to say that i did not have any unpleasant experiences on test. The animations where smooth in transition and well aligned for average sized avatars, all RLV functions where performing good and on time, and all rezing points for chain particles where working in order, so i was not able to find any down side or glitch with this new product.

With my recommendation and for amazing price of 650 L$ i advise all D/S and RLV fans to look for this *GEL* RLV Canopy Bed Set and other fine Gerritt Enterprises Limited products that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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