AnimAlive*Thermal Spa - Old Volcano

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

We all trying to decorate our sims in best way we know how, and its no secret that im trying to have menu in all my decorations. This new product from AnimAlive Store, AnimAlive*Thermal Spa - Old Volcano, allow us just that, to have beautiful and highly functional item in same time.

Description and technical details from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"New unique and special AnimAlive (Iren Tinkel) creation is here. Welcome to the world of HQ entertainment!
Full and ready thermal spa complex can be placed ANYWHERE:
- on/under Linden water
- on/under prims water
- inside/outside house (bathroom, pool, pond, roof, etc)
- in forest/on the beach/in desert
EVERYWHERE! - just follow your fantasy!

You can use basins alone, with partner, to invite friends for party or even to make orgy! (I could put in spa max 8 persons on my party)
- 3 independent different couple menus (in every basin own)
Cuddles - Kiss - Relax - Dances - Fun - Fetish - Oral- Fingering - Sex
(restrict menu for owner or group and you can use spa in public areas)
- includes 6 seamless sequenced scenes
- supports 6 single persons sitting together with choice of animations
- over 30 single sits
- over 270 couple animations
- face expressions
- props (book, bubbles, drops)
- water effect: flowing, steaming, particles
- realistic textures and animations from AnimAlive
- 29-33 prims but you can modify prims to set own textures, scripts, animations or change prim count.

All you need is to find cosy place for this device, rez it and start using!

Also Hot and Magic versions available! Great decision for winter rest spot!"

Superb in design, and ideal for use in company this new release, AnimAlive*Thermal Spa - Old Volcano, will become one of your favorite "toys" fast. No matter will you use it just with your partner or have up to 7 people on it it will not let you down. And menu will cover all from PG animations, dances to hard core sex. Suitable for all situations and public and private sims alike.

Menus are logical and easy to use, filled with top quality animations that are carefully chosen for this new product. All of the animations are frames per second rich, smooth in transition and working in the best way to provide you with top visual animated stimulation for your relaxing or sensual RP moments.

On test for this review i call my friends over at my castle, we did have good fun, and AnimAlive*Thermal Spa - Old Volcano was working great. All where well aligned, and working impeccable.

With all that said i recommend this coll item for hot SL summer to all my readers, and you can find it on SL market or in world store on links under the text:



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