VJ-Spanking Pony Rider - OmniPotent

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

We all like and need some refreshment in our sex life from time to time, so today for you, my dear readers i have fetish item from OmniPotent Animations, VJ-Spanking Pony Rider - OmniPotent. Made specially for all that are in pony girl fetishes or just wanna have fun and laugh.

Technical details and description from creator, Vijay Uggla:

"Spanking Pony Rider (a 2-person vehicle) MOD/COPY Perms

rez on ground to:

~ take your slave out for a graze

~ Barebacking Ponyboys/Ponygirls - Oooh how can you resist!

~ play horsey ride with your friend.

~ Spank that stubborn mule

Your new favorite ride in-world!!


- 6 way motions + animations

Turn Foward/Back
Sideways too!!

* Slapping(GiddyUp!!)
* Head kicking
* Sideways head pulling
* Left/Right Pony Directing

* Made of 19 animations in for total interactive feel.


1. rez the object onto ground

2. the donkey/pony sits on the bottom, horse shoe like object labeled "Pony"

3. the Rider sits on the top ball labeled..."Rider" to saddle up (BAREBACK!!)


Up/Down - Forward/Backwards
Left/Right - Turn Left/Right
Shift+Left/Right - Move Left/Right

PgUp - Move upwards (alittle)
PgDown - Get up (if toppled over)

Rider (Tap slowly - treat pony with care)
Up - Spank Pony Forward (GiddyUP!!)
Down - Kick Pony in Head
Left/Right - Direct Pony Left/Right by pointing
Shift + Left/Right - Pull your pony sideways Left/Right

PgUp - Move upwards (alittle)
PgDown - Get up (if toppled over)

4. to end ride, simply stand up.




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====technical notes=========

Modify - Yes
Copy - Yes
Transfer - No


When it comes to Vijay Uggla creations there is one fact that i like to emphasize over and over again; all animations are hand made by him and they are unique just for one product. So this set of 19 custom animations can be find only in VJ-Spanking Pony Rider - OmniPotent.

Beside fact that they are hand made, animations are also high in quality and frames per second rich, made and put together in this fine product to provide user with maximum visual animated support in your erotic RP.

On the test for this review, VJ-Spanking Pony Rider - OmniPotent was working with out nay problems, all animations where well adjusted and smooth in transition and all was in perfect order.

With that said i can only recommend this fine product o all my readers that are in pony girl fetish or like to try something new. Available on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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