d&b ID Auction Stage v2.0 (rezzbox)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mija Perfferle

- Deviant & Bizarre store

I have big job to do with todays review, my dear readers, and innovative, original item to present. Aldo its not directly with sex menu, it can be used for many money and financial domination fetishes. But main reason, and potential that i see in this new product from Deviant & Bizarre store, is actually humanitarian in nature and thats the reason why i decide to do this review. Let me explain that please.

In my 4 years Sl life i been working on many jobs, but most of the time i was security in voice clubs. Each week we did have some humanitarian sale, like for Relay for Life, someones family member in medical need, for floods or burn houses, you name it, i probably did it. Even now, when my SL is focused on my blog and SL porn world, i do see many people from business going in and applying for auctions where they "selling" 2 or so hours of they time for some good or noble cause, and this d&b ID Auction Stage v2.0 device can help in that.

So thats my reasons and this are technical details and description from creator, Mija Perfferle:

"• 3 section stage, "waiting spot", "auction block" and "auctioneer spot"
→ waiting spot --> area to leash the subs to leash rings (max 4)
→ auction block --> the sub can pick 3 anims to present her/himself to the crowd
→ auctioneer spot --> desk with 1 pose stand for the auctioneer, pay box and arch holding a bid section where the crowd can place their bids for the sub
• display name of highest bidder and slave on sale (max 8 chars)
• innovative, 5 buttons with various amounts to raise the bid, incl. response feature (on click the button blinks showing someone did raise the bid)
• split feature on payment (add multiple auctioneers, only the one holding the auction will earn the % you define but all can operate the auction)
• remembers subs on sale, if the sub crashes the auction will continue
• authentic auction features, like in RL, auctioneer takes bids, pauses and reopen the auction and finally sells the sub/avi to the highest bidder
• the auction ends and gets "real" after the auctioneer triggers the paybox and the bidder pays the pay box (triggering the split feature)
• NC giver of the sub being sold (optional if you get the d&b auction board)

• Advanced Material support (diffuse, normal, specular)

Technical specifications:
• low prim count: only 18prims (23prims if you keep the waiting area with the 4 leash rings)
• very low LOD, mesh rarely causes the triangle bug."

For any additional questions fell free to contact Mija Perfferle, she is always helpful and taking very good care about her store customer service.

d&b ID Auction Stage v2.0 can be found on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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