*- ReACT -* Premium HUD v2.0

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

I really like to make furniture reviews for you, my dear readers and to watch how SL adult furniture industry is progressing true the years. New and better ides and solutions that coming up from someones hard work and creativity to make our SL better and more interesting place to be. Why im saying all that? Because, in this case today i do believe i do have revolutionary product for you to review; new *- ReACT -* Premium HUD v2.0 from Akaesha Revnik.

Video demonstration of the new Designer Palette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXYbk3Rdyh8

Description and technical details from creator, Akaesha Revnik:

..........(One HUD, Rezzes and Controls ALL Items)

Includes the following "Exclusive items" for Premium HUD owners only:

★ A Bonus Rezzable Skybox.
★ Exclusively for Premium HUD owners only, we include 5 Different furnishing options:
........Crawford Penthouse - Complete Bedroom Suites*
........Riviera Penthouse - Complete Bedroom Suite*
........Augusta Penthouse - Complete Bedroom Suite*
........Stella Penthouse - Complete Bedroom Suite*
........Skyline Penthouse - Complete Bedroom Suite*

★ Designer Palette HUD
....(A Professional grade color co-ordination tool)
........Create designer looking living spaces at the touch of a button! Change themes of your furniture including the skybox with 1 click.
........Save your favorites and create new themes

* Complete Premium Bedroom Suite includes the following animated items:
★ Rug, The FAMOUS Kama Sutra Rug!
★ Bed
★ Bath Tub
★ Sectional Sofa
★ Dining Table
★ Lapdance Chair
★ Animated Wardrobe
★ The "Sketchbook" an artist Studio
★ Rezzable Home Decor (Table lamp, plants, fireplaces, rug, fountain etc.)

A total of 5,000 Animations brought to you at your fingertips by Akaesha Designs.


>>> Note: NOT made from full perm, stock or freebie animations.

We are a reputable and well established brand for animated products in SL.
We back that up with several years of experience and top notch customer support!

--- Our Animations are simply a cut above the rest -----

Now let me add few worlds please. First, i think this is the closest that we will come to say that our imagination is almost only limit to this fine new product, *- ReACT -* Premium HUD v2.0.

Base is skybox, with 5 different options of furniture sets, decoration and all else (Complete Premium Bedroom Suite includes the following animated items: Rug, The FAMOUS Kama Sutra Rug, Bed,  Bath Tub,  Sectional Sofa, Dining Table, Lapdance Chair, Animated Wardrobe, The "Sketchbook" an artist Studio, Rezzable Home Decor (Table lamp, plants, fireplaces, rug, fountain etc.)) that you can 100% customize to your own personal preferences and taste. Naturally skybox is just option that you can but don't have to use. If you wanna use just furniture thats ok to.

To the smallest detail, like for example eyes of the tiger in picture frame, you can change the color, texture, what ever you like and choose.

Imagine this, specially you my dear female readers ;) you log in SL one fine day and you are just bored of same furniture, walls, colors decorations but i don't wanna spend your time (i'm talking days here) to find all new in best quality and prices, rezz it all, put it in right place and so on and so on. Don't worry about that any more. Whit new *- ReACT -* Premium HUD v2.0 all is new in just couple clicks of the button in the matter of minutes if not even seconds.

I wont go deeper in talking about Akaesha Revnik animations, i did mention many times before on my blog that they are in premium quality and one of the finest that you will find in SL. Also, Akaesha ReACT Store is in business for many years now and that speaks enough for it self.

The only thing that i would like to add, before i conclude this review, is to advise you to take look at video, link is on top of the article, and see what this new product can do with your own eyes.

With my recommendation, you can find this new *- ReACT -* Premium HUD v2.0 and other fine Akaesha ReACT Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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