*SMOOCHING SERPENTS* Palpitation TM v1.1

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


Must be the SL summer, because im getting many requests from you, my dear readers, to review bikes and cars with driving script and sex menu. I am thankful for all your feed back, and this is what i have for your reading pleasure today; *SMOOCHING SERPENTS* Palpitation TM v1.1

This is not my first vehicle review on blog, so i will use guidance and input that i received from you on previous ones. So like you told me, no bobber or chopper this time, but full blooded modern sport bike.

Description and technical details from creator, Eve Light:

"Smooching Serpents ---PALPITATION TM---

Need a rocket between your legs?
This bike will be your new best friend...


- as fast as beautiful
- automatic mode or switch gears manually
- takes a passenger
- lock/unlock option (can be driven by anyone)
- change sounds
- realistic driver animations (lean left/right,..)
- turbo option, burnout, wheelie, and much more...test it!
- enhanced texture change
+ free lifetime updates!


- high quality couple animations
- cuddle, sex + "the hard way"
- poseball-free, just stay seated and fuck anywhere!
- RLV forcesit / RLV restrictions menu


- Going for a ride and no idea where to go?

With this vehicle you will have the option to push a button and immediately tp up in the sky and rezz a skybox or scene.
Included in this Version there is the Scene "Lost Island".

Scene "LostIsland":
Tropical Sky-Island, incl. a "Forced Sunshine" RLV Sex Hammock (rezzes pillory, x-cross and more for your bondage fantasies!), sunbath poseballs, a romantic fireplace, swimmable water and more.
This is your perfect mobile home!

There are more Scenes and Morphing Houses available as Plugins, all furnished by Smooching Serpents - Check them out inworld :-)"


Ok lets do some "bikers talk" now ;) Script used in *SMOOCHING SERPENTS* Palpitation TM v1.1 is ACS v6.02 so its latest one at the moment. When it comes to driving and non sexual use of this product, you getting "full" capable bike like you would buy in any other bike store, so what any other bike with acs script can do this one will do it also, same menu same performance and same options. But much more extras ;)

Now all those "extras" is what makes this bike superior to others. Yes you do have texture and design changer, you can change sound and all else, but in average bike you will get 2 or 3 park pose/animations. In this one u will get couple hundred lol

Cuddles, sex or hard core, with RLV what ever you like. All in top quality frames per second rich animations. But, and im gonna sound like tv sales man now, that is not all this bike will do. All vehicles from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store are able to rezz fully furnished skyboxes, and in each one you do get one skybox build in gratis. Will you expand that in future and buy more of them, its up to you, but one is all ready in side.

Scene 'Lost Island' Plugin for Smooching Serpents Multiscene Skybox Elevator or Vehicles

Skybox Scene
'Lost Island'

(Plugin for Smooching Serpents Skybox Elevator or Vehicles!)

Imagine you click a button on your motorbike or car and it takes you up in the sky and rezzes a private, furnished SKYBOX for you and your lover?

Beautiful Tropical Island Scene with small beaches for more than dreaming, sunbathing, and deep talks by the campfire...


Smooching Serpents Forced Sunshine RLV Sexbed/ Hammock

- high quality sex animations
(cuddles, massage, foreplay, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, choke, rape and more...)
- rezzes a pillory, x-cross, chair and a chest for your bondage fantasies!
- any RLV restrictions you can imagine (read seperate NC!)
- facial expressions
- gives strapon and dildo
- fuck anywhere!


How to use:

1. Rezz your elevator or vehicle anywhere (you must have rezz/build permissions)

2. Click it and select "edit" from the pie menu.

3. Go to the "contents" tab and drag and drop the object "RezIsland" from your inventory into your elevator or vehicle and the script "scene plugin" into the vehicle (if it isn't already there)

4. If you already own a skybox scene you don't need to put the same script inside twice. In this case only insert the object.

5. Now just sit and go for a ride!

6. Remember you need rez/build-permissions on the land you are using it! And be aware of landowner auto return ;-)

Separate value of this plug in is 3999 L$ and you getting it for free ;)

So let me make conclusion here, by buying this *SMOOCHING SERPENTS* Palpitation TM v1.1 you getting fully usable and drivable bike, with build in sex menu with RLV, with skybox home in sphere, with moving water/ocean, tiki cabin, fully furnished with more sex menu driven furniture with RLV.

Now my question for you is what other brand of vehicles in SL can do all that? ;)

*SMOOCHING SERPENTS* Palpitation TM v1.1 can be find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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