[AA] Railing Towel

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

New product and original idea from Alina animations store for you, my dear readers, today; [AA] Railing Towel. Good for indoor and great for outdoor use, mesh, texture changer and much more. So lets start with review :)

Description and technical data from creator, Alina Graf:

"Towel for inside or outside location. It comes with 137 couple animations both romantic and sexual. Texture changer and 2 accessory racks.


Towel comes with a iron ground rail for outdoor placement and a wall support for bathroom placement. It should be placed at 1,2 mt from ground.
The front side is the one with AA logo. It's where pose balls will be rezzed and avatars will animate.
The Towel is a mesh model and the land impact is 3 prims.
How to adjust height: in case you placed on a 1.2 mt from ground you can easily adjust height for all poses: go to Options from Main menu, then Adjust Z.
2 Accessories included: a rail for outdoor and one for bathroom displacement.


The texture changer script is in the AA logo, on the bottom right corner. It contains 24 textures: plain colors, batik, summer textures and some kinky signs and texts. So you can place it next your villa's pool, in your luxury bathroom or in a sex club.
You can also set Access rights, from Owner (default), List, Everyone.


The main engine is XPose script, pose balls driven. You can find a Help notecard clicking the Help button from main menu.
It contains 137 self made animations in 72 couple poses. 4 menus for FM and 4 for FF combo.


• Animations are all copy
• Scripts are copy or copy/transfer
• Note cards are copy or copy/transfer/mod


• Mesh model has been made by Selina Anatra.
• Animations have been made by me, Alina Graf.
• Textures have been made by me, Alina Graf."

I od love unusual items with sex menu. We have so many beds, chairs and similar items where we all expect to have and find sex menu, so any new idea and product that goes "out of the box" and give us one more new place to enjoy animated RP should be well excepted.

[AA] Railing Towel comes with two different placement options, on wall and on railing. And you will get copy mod rail and wall mount in each purchase box. Its looking and functioning great on bout of them, but some animations will need additional adjustment if you use it on wall mount, they will need to be moved just bit more in front. Original default is for railing and when you use it on one, all animations are aligned perfectly.

When it comes to animations, Alina Graf is, in my humble opinion, one of the best animators in SL at  the moment, with year long tradition in making hand made premium animations. And only the best are used for this fine new product, [AA] Railing Towel. Frames per second rich, detailed and superior in quality only the best ones are used in this product.

XPOSE (version 4.0) main menu, that is easy to use, contains mf and ff romance, tease and sex sub menus, that will provide you with hours and hours of best animated visual support for your RP.

Affordable in price, copy and with texture changer, i recommend this new [AA] Railing Towel to all my readers as safe and secure buy. This and other fine Alina animations products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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