*Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

More and more requests about beach summer furniture with menu coming to me each day, my dear readers, and i'm really glad and thankful for your messages. There is definitely one product that i cant forget for this SL summer and thats *Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy.

Description and technical details from creator, BelleJour Shinn:

"*Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy

!! First: English is not my first Language, i hope this Readme is good to understand!

GangBang Beach Fucktoy :
Menu MLPV2.4
30 Handmade Animations
6 x FMMMMM Menu

GangBang Beach Fucktoy 6 Prim
Landmark of my Shop
This Readme
MLPV2.4 Readme

*!! PLEASE, Try Animation Inworld before you buy, the Table is on my Sex Sim and Shops!

Animations/Sculpts/Prims/Mesh Handmade by BelleJour Shinn

If you have a question or problem with my Items, than please send me a notecard with your Name, Product-Name, Sell-Date and/or full transaction history from sale and what happened with the item. This will help me to help you better and faster.

Thank you and enjoy,
BelleJour Shinn
*Belle's B.o.L.D.*
Belle's Breath of Lust Design & Belle's Back-Door Shop."

There is allot that i can say about this fine product, so lets start with review :)

6 prims land impact is really small number for item that got so detailed sun shade and math, again, like always when we have BelleJour Shinn product, in more then affordable copy mod version for just 420 lin.

I need to emphasize that low price is just creator wish to make her product wide affordable to all SL residents. All else is high. Primarily i'
m talking about animations quality.

Hand made and unique, the animations used in this fine *Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy product, will amaze you in smooth work and full body motion details.

*Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy is gang bang fetish device, and you need 4 male and one female to fill up all pose balls, but im sure female wont mind that at all ;)

Do i need to mention that on test for this review, *Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy was performing flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition and perfectly aligned for average sized avatars?

So with all that said i can only highly recommend this *Belle's B.o.L.D.* GangBang Beach Fucktoy and other fine Belle's Breath of Lust Design products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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