AnimAlive*Art of Relaxation - Massage scene

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

Interesting and unique new product is out from AnimAlive Store, AnimAlive*Art of Relaxation - Massage scene, ideal for out doors and ongoing SL summer.

Technical details and description from creator, Iren Tinkel:


Watch video or try in store! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5LO054xs2s

Touch Art of Relaxation with new smooth sequenced scene from AnimAlive. Just the way to be close and to make you feel.
Scene changes logically, includes realistic and natural movements, original decor - ideal decision for bathroom, sauna, beach or just bed relaxation. You can create your own sequence from offered animations slightly editing prepared notecard, modify prims and add details for your taste and pleasure. Play it automatically for about 18 minutes or use usual menu - just enjoy nice time with your partner.

★★★Whats in the box★★★

- Scene with built-in engine - rezzed object, requires to be on area where rezzing available at least temporarily.
*18 minutes sequence/13 couple anims
*menu driven
*original decor includes 20 prims
*rezzes balls (2 prims)

- PoseBalls - light version of scene (without sequence), just rez balls anywhere you need.
*13 couple animations
*use Page-up/down to adjust your position. Use shift-left/right to change animation.

- Planks - rezzable object, not animated, as element of decor
- Flowers for girl - wearable decoration for girls hair.

All anims are created or remade specially for this scene by me only, creation is completely unique and will leave in your soul warm memories about time with your partner, so you will want to use it again and again.


1) Height option saves positions for both avatars and for all poses.
2) The best difference between avatars is 10% - so if girl is 190, then guy should be 190x1.1 - then avatars will fit one another most perfectly.
Sorry, but smooth transition supposes fixed position so if you adjust positions on your own vision - smooth transition can be broken.
I didn't find any tool in SL for allowing smooth transition and avatar adjusting together.
3) If synchronization of anims doesnt work properly - it means lag on sim or with your connection, cos all anims are meticulously made and adjusted.
4) LAGS and bad connection CAN MAKE ANIMATIONS STUCK WHILE CHANGING POSES, HOP and TURN AVATAR HEADS. It may exist when you play scene first time and usually resolves itself with second play of scene. But if it keeps going - sorry, I cant handle SL lags."

This is one of the rare items that don,t have sex animations in side that i accepted to review, and main reason for it is quality and high level of sophisticated foreplay that this new AnimAlive*Art of Relaxation - Massage scene product provides.

Its outstanding addition on any porch, beside pool or any high class out door area of your choosing. Animations in side are in high quality and on test for this review whole product was working flawlessly. Animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and that together with outstanding design deserves recommendation.

This new AnimAlive*Art of Relaxation - Massage scene and other fine products from AnimAlive Store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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