VJ-Violent Doggy - OmniPotent

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

Awesome new product from OmniPotent Animations is VJ-Violent Doggy - OmniPotent, combining low prim easy to use affordable item with premium animations and performance.

Description and technical details from creator, Vijay Uggla:

"That Wild Dog Needs to be taught a Lesson.

Arrf !! Arrf!!.. Grrrrrr.....

Restraint that wild Doggy - Doggy can struggle, Doggy can kick (Doggy Hits PgUp or PgDown Keys)

But Doggy can't escape.
- Naughty Doggy get Pussy Spanked (PgDown)
- Finger that hole until Doggy Squirt (PgUp) all over the floor.
- Pull Doggy hair back and punish savagely with Big Stiff Rod.

Tame even the wildest of Bitches

=====to use:==============

1. rez furniture on ground (drag from inventory to ground)

2. Sit on either Balls.

3. if on "Sit" ball hit "PgUp" or "PgDown" on keyboard anytime to struggle.

4. If on "Attack" ball, press "Pgup" on keyboard repeatedly to make Doggie Squirtie or "PgDown" on keyboard to Spank Doggie Pussy.

5. to hide balls say in chat "/1 hide" (without quote marks). to show, say "/1 show"

6. If used in sex clubs and u want it to always be visible and low-lag, remove the "show / hide" scripts from the balls.

====technical notes=========

Modify - Yes
Copy - Yes
Transfer - No


No one empowers your SL life like

Quality Animation and Loving Needs"

Product is so simple and easy to use, just rez sit on pose balls and enjoy. Does not contain "classic" menu, but you changing true animations and positions with page up and page down button. With timeless look, and superb textures this new item, VJ-Violent Doggy - OmniPotent will find his place in any SL home.

Animations are top of the line. Hand made by Vijay Uggla, premium in quality and duration, frames per second rich and unique just for this product. Carefully chosen to provide you with best animated visual support, stimulating you while you enjoying your sensual erotic RP.

On the test for this review product was functioning flawlessly,  so with price for it, design and performance i can only recommend it to all my readers specially if they like "hard core and rough" action.

This VJ-Violent Doggy - OmniPotent, and other fine OmniPotent Animations, you can find at SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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