[AA] Lapdancer Chair 7.0M Chesterfield - Transfer

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Alina is one of those creators that always trying to give her customers latest and best in they furniture, so she just released new update for her famous [AA] Lapdancer Chair 7.0M. Update and upgrade is free for previous owners of the chair and biggest changes are; pole dances, couple slow dances, more 3somes, new cuckold menus and upgraded scripts.

This is how creator, Alina Graf, describes them:

"I'm proud to announce Lapdancer Chair version 7!
> New pole dances > New slow hot couple dances > New menus for Cuckold RPG > More 3-somes MMF and FFM. Improved scripts for both sit system and sex poseballs system. Both models and permissions available. Same price.


This is a 6 prim XPose 4.0 powered 214 poses and 368 animations lap dancer armchair. XCite compliant for auto-amusement.
It comes in 2 versions: Mod / Transf for private use, and Mod / Copy for clubs use. Both have a texture changer for seat and back in 12 leather textures.

Finally you can buy a Lap dancer Chair cheap enough to use it in your house to entertain your partner/lover or fill up your club and complete, from lap Dances to teasing and flirting, to hardcore couple poses!

The Chair simulate a complete private lap dancing cycle in many menus: Dance, Foreplay, Hardcore, Kiss. For MF and FF, and Erotic dancing, showing dancer hot body, teasing the customer, letting him/her touch and fondle the dancer, playing with all kind of forplay including hand and oral sex, and finally let him/her fuck the dancer in every position. All animations have facial expressions included and the owner can adjust poses.

Clubs could set menus to Group Only while the balls to use for all, so only club dancers will have control. Choices are Owner Only, Group Only or All.
Added: pol dances, hot slow couple dances, more FFM and MMF, 3 new Cuckold-Hotwife-Bull menus
TO OPEN SEX ENGINE MAIN MENU: Click on chair back to have poses main menu <<<<
TO OPEN TEXTURE CHANGER MENU: Click on chair ground shadow to change both parts <<<<
TO SIT DOWN: Left click seat. You'll got a sit menu <<<<

• 6 prim mesh design, shadow included
• 368 handmade animations in 214 couple poses driven by Menus:
MF Dances&Teases: 25 poses
MF Foreplay&Oral: 23 poses
MF Sex&Hardcore: 27 poses
FF Dances&Teases: 27 poses
FF Foreplay&Oral: 11 poses
FF Sex&Hardcore: 17 poses
MMF: 22 poses
FFM: 23 poses
FFF: 17 poses
CUCK: 22 poses
• 36 animations in buil-in AVsitter 2 script
• XPose sex engine
• XCite devices compatibility
• Texture changer with 16 leather choices included torn and dirty ones.
• Changer permissions (All, Group, Owner) for both Balls and/or Menus
• Mod chair: the owner can change size and colors. Engine notecards can be mod and improved. Positions can be adjusted and saved into notecard following XPose Help.


NOTE: Animations are not One-Fits-All. Be sure to test them before buying. The chair is designed for a Female dancer and a Male customer but adjusting can work for different genders too.

For any issue call me: ALINA GRAF
Alina Animations Credits:

- Most animations are home made by Alina Graf expressly for this product
- Mesh object made by Selina Anatra
- Texturization made mostly by Quinn Ying"

Like always, Alina is showing us one more time how she cares about her customers and how good with animations she is. In new [AA] Lapdancer Chair 7.0M Chesterfield - Transfer, available in copy version to we get better and smoother scripts, new sub menus and new animations. Also for faithful customers that owns chair from past update is free all they need to do is contact Alina Graf and arrange details.

I use Alina's chair as standard item in my castle ever since Belle did build it for me, over two years now, i believe in those time chair went true 5 updates, and it was getting better with each one giving me more reason to keep that chair rezzed. Same is with this one, [AA] Lapdancer Chair 7.0M Chesterfield - Transfer. Its looking great, texture changer menu in chair shadow is big with fascinating choice of premium realistic textures and animations are one of most natural ones in SL. Smooth in transition and long in duration this chair is like animated visual Viagra that will make you use it again and again and enjoy in great performance for your sensual and erotic RP moments.

With my undivided recommendation you can find this new [AA] Lapdancer Chair 7.0M Chesterfield - Transfer and other fine Alina Animations product on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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