Pestique Sleepy Cat Couch (Adult) Xcite!  v1.1

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

New product from Pestique store, playful and casual in amazing design hides huge menu filled with animations that will cover all from PG to hard core sex at amazing affordable price.

Description and technical details from creator, Sara Greene:

"Chunky casual Couch for couples. MESH item, requires a mesh enabled viewer!

The Sleepy Cat Couch is a chunky modern mesh couch for one or two people, very simple, casual and understated, covered in softest suede leather for ultimate comfort. So comfortable in fact that the cat is sleeping on one of the seats! The couch comes with a texture change menu and 8 unique textures, in addition the cushions and throw can be changed individually giving hundreds of potential combinations to truly customize the couch to your own specification and decor!

No poseballs! Sit on either of the first two couch seats. Hovertext (which can be removed by the owner) shows which seat is fitted for male or female - or use the swap feature.

The poses in the couch are designed to suit either a single avatar or a couple. Using the singles menu, each avatar can change their own pose without affecting the other. Moving on to the couples menus will sync both avatars through the PG couples cuddles and massage sequences, TV menu and activities section where you can slurp coffee or sip wine, read a book or eat strawberries or even challenge your partner to a pillow fight! Many poses will rezz decorative props, often the prop will give a wearable item (the scatter cushions will give a fighting pillow for example) - just touch the prop for your wearable item. Wearables should automatically detach when you choose a different pose.

The adult section of the menu features extensive foreplay and sex animations divided into intuitive menus. The Sequences menu has 3 PG and 7 Adult sequences - these are unique selections of multi pose animations not included in previous menus - and combine to make longer scenes. The final ExtraXX menu contains 60 of the individual animations from the Sequence menus - included to make it easy to find the exact pose you need :)

All adult animations in the couch are scripted to react with Xcite! genitals to control arousal levels and cock tilt. Adults and Sequence animations feature facial expressions - these can be turned off if required.

In total the couch features over 300 animations.
All animations are from the finest animators and are specially selected to 'fit' the couch.

Poses are easily adjustable and the couch will remember the personal adjustments of up to 400 individual avatars. All rezzed items are full prim and WILL add temporarily to prim count, however I have tried to keep them as low in prims as possible. Please allow up to 15 prims for rezzed items.

Singles menu:

6 poses Female
6 poses Male

Couples PG Menu

15 cuddles
4 massages (two of these are massage sequences)
6 'watching TV'
6 kisses
9 activities


9 foreplay
6 blowjob
5 girl on top
8 from behind
5 face to face


3 PG (includes sleeping)
7 adult


60 individual poses used in the Sequences menu

Perms are mod/copy, all scripts are copy only."

To me personally, Pestique store product where always been class for them self when it comes to design, and design is now becoming like trade mark. Classic leather or just fabric, Sara Greene knows hot to make them look good. With build in texture changer and in 100% mesh this new Pestique Sleepy Cat Couch (Adult) Xcite!  v1.1 will fit in any SL home that holds fine design and decorations dear.

Main menu with out pose balls is logical and easy to use, divided to following sub menus: singles, couplePG, couplesXX, sequences and extrasXX. As you can see all is submitted to easy use and simplicity, just the way i, and i hope you to my dear readers, like it.

Animations are premium one, carefully selected to provide you with maximum durations, rich frame per second and smooth transition visual stimulation for sensual RP scenario of your choice. With size of this menu, choices are really plenty and we are having well rounded product that will satisfy every user that does not demand BDSM/bondage menu.

With my recommendation you can find this Pestique Sleepy Cat Couch (Adult) Xcite!  v1.1, and other fine Pestique store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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