*Girlfriend Appliers sweat, oil and cum review

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer:  KrystalSteal aka GiseleHendrix Resident

- *girlfriend - you are fashion* Mainstore


Reason to make this review is almost daily questions that i have from my female readers asking me what cum layers are good, where they can find body sweat or what body oil will give they skin even more smooth or "porn-star" look. I did talk with few of my friends that create layers and appliers, and GiseleHendrix owner and creator of *girlfriend - you are fashion* Mainstore offered me discount for all my readers. With quality that she have in her products and now 15% discount for whole bundle i decided to present and review her products for your reading pleasure today.

This is how KrystalSteal aka GiseleHendrix Resident, creator, describe them:

Presenting the newest Sweat & Wet for your Body!
Its Unisex and can be worn on female and males!

Different layers, a Sweaty Face Layer included

Lola Tango Mesh, Lola Tango Mirage, VString and Iboobs compatible with Applier!

Phatazz / Cuteazz Applier included too

Your Body Sweat - Perfect for your Wet look in Roleplay or in Photos, or just on beaches!!!

This is a perfect high detailed and handworked Body Oil for all normal Avatars and includes Appliers for Lolas Tango, Vstring, Iboobs, Phatazz, Cuteazz!

The Body Oil looks really realistic on your Bodies, and your Mesh Bodyparts like boobs and azz.. and it comes in 4 Different Oil Strength...

- light Oil
- medium Oil
- sweet wet Oil
- wet Oil

- 4 Shirt Layers
- 4 Pant Layers
- 4 Undershirt Layers
- 4 Underpant Layers
- 4 Lolas Tango Appliers (compatible with Vstring etc.)
- 4 Phat/Cuteazz Pants Appliers
- 4 Phat/Cuteazz Underpants Appliers

Works with every Skin!

It looks really really awesome together with my girlfriend * Your Body Sweat when you decide to wear both together

Presenting the newest and handpainted Cumlayers for your Wowmeh Body!

It includes:
7 different Cum Appliers for Upper and Lower Body, can be worn on Skinny & Looser, so you have a huge count of Combinations of the Cum on your Body

2 Cumface Tattoo Layers included too (not for Mesh Heads)

This is only for Wowmeh... it includes normal Avatar Layers too....

Cum on your Body - Perfect for your Porn look in Roleplay or in Photos, or just on beaches!!!

Whole bundle of all 3, sweat, cum and oil would cost u 1100 L$ if you buy them separate, but now, all you have to do is im or send note card to GiseleHendrix Resident and you will get all 3 products for 900 L$.

I also like to say that sweat and oily wet look are in fact unisex, and that they would be great for male actors and models in SL, same for "Joe Average" players of SL that like to be around poles, beaches and swim places for incoming hot SL summer.

Additional feature that girls would like is that all Appliers coming with Lola Tango Mesh, Lola Tango Mirage, VString and Iboobs compatible and Phatazz / Cuteazz Applier included. So all that needs to go on your boobs or butt is in there ;)

Only thing is if you have mesh head face appliers would not work and slink is not available at the moment. But still, with this bundle you getting biggest choices then in any other store and best price and high quality.

With all that said, i can only recommend this set at discounted price for my readers as fine addition and adult equipment for any avatar that wanna look good in SL. You can find them on links under the text separate and for discount bundle hit GiseleHendrix Resident with im or note card.






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