Naughty Camp Fire

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ryu Quasimodo

- The Finer Side, Fine Furniture and Trinkets

I was messing around my castle when Moonie hit me up with im about a furniture store and request for review. I went to see what she did come up with and i was pleasantly surprised. The Finer Side, Fine Furniture and Trinkets store that she showed me, owned and created by Ryu Quasimodo, did have one camp fire set that i just have to make a review about. Many of you my dear friends and readers have asked me about a fire pit and camp fire set in last couple days so im glad that i have something in high quality and low price to present for you; Naughty Camp Fire.

Description and technical details from creator, Ryu Quasimodo:

"The Naughty side of The Finer Side,

The Naughty Camp Fire is a unique outdoor piece, it was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t find one for my own beach parties so I made exactly what I wanted, seriously I looked everywhere for something like this and it just doesn’t exist..lol..
Ok back on track, so what makes this camp fire so unique is that on top of sitting multiple couples “up to six couples” each couple will have their own menu!!! So all six couples can be doing different things at the same time, one couple could be cuddling while the other is having hard sex while another is having a 3sum, you get the idea..lol

It comes with 125 of the highest quality animations out there, no joke these things are awesome guaranteed to satisfy your lover, they are NOT the crap freebee animations, and yes all animations can be used by different couples at the same time, It’s the perfect Swingers piece!!!

Yes I’m proud of this build, if someone would have made it before I did I would have bought it…lol

Oh I almost forgot to add that the fire is menu based with the best snap crackle and pop sounds you can find, enjoy!!

Menu Listing


The short way to describe this fine new camp fire set would be its fire with ambiance menu and six separate working sex devices in one item. Each log has full sex menu that is working separate and allows each couple or group to use it in any way they like with out disturbing the others. Ideal for public sex sims or for orgies places.

Each log got main menu driven in MLPV2.4z9 engine, user friendly and logical, divided on following sub menus: eroticFFM, anal, cuddles, forplay, eroticMMF, roughlove, sweetlove and few other buttons for adjusting and options control.

Animations used in this fine product are in top quality, chosen to provide you with maximum visual stimulation for your erotic RP moments, smooth in transition and well aligned for average sized avatars.

So with my recommendation i suggest all that looking for good camp fire set with adult animations to visit The Finer Side, Fine Furniture and Trinkets store, available on SL market place only and get them self this well made Naughty Camp Fire at more then affordable price.


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