*- ReACT Gen Xi -* Poolside Towel for Couples

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

New awesome release from Akaesha ReACT Store for hot SL summer, *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Poolside Towel for Couples, gives you premium animations in amazing low lag transition smooth engine with 3 prims land impact timeless mesh design. If you have pool in SL this is the "must have" item for this season, and you can have it for unbelievable affordable price of just 399 L$.

Description and technical details from creator, Akaesha Revnik:

"The Poolside Lovescene Towel ( ♥Orgasm edition♥ ) By ReACT
(Works with any pool, dock, or beach)
......ReACT Generation Xi : Poolside Towel
>>> Note: NOT made from full perm, stock or freebie animations.
----------Our animations are simply a cut above the rest, see the videos and believe it for yourself.-----------------------

Making only the best intimate animations since 2007




★ Fresh, ALL NEW and CUSTOM Animations (not bulk, stock or purchased full perm)
★ 2 HOT Poolside Lovescenes made from over 165 Animations!
★ 2 Custom ♥Orgasm Scenes♥!
★ Fully synchronized 15 minute Cuddle and Romance synchronized lovescene
★ 18 Cuddle scenes
★ 12 Solo relax scenes
★ Bonus drinking and Water splashing Scene!
★ Up to 4 Adjustable custom speeds (Faster and Slower) for all Sensual and Erotic Sex Animations

★ Record your OWN Lovescene in real-time (Up to 20 hrs or 150 Action and Reactions!)
★ Animation Caching, Preloading and Synching for smooth viewing
★ Adjustable Avatar Positions and Rotations with 1 click save

★ TEXTURE CHANGER to match your taste! (Custom high quality textures included!)

★ Maximum Speed Control (Up to 4 Available custom speed animations for every position!)
★ Dual Interface (Menu Driven & HUD Driven)
★ FREE Controller ReACT HUD included (also given out by the product to guests)
★ Facial Animator included in the ReACT HUD


★ 24/7 Customer Support www.akaesha.com "

All that ever used Akaesha Revnik's ReACT system can confirm how easy, simple and above all smooth it is. No lag, no glitches, just flawless transition from one animation to another. Same features you will find in this new and well made *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Poolside Towel for Couples.

After you sit on it, and choose ur gender by clicking on blue or pink, you will get user friendly main menu divided in following sub menus: soloM, soloF, cuddles, ride, display, customize, moment and couple buttons for help and options of the product. If you dont wanna "standard" menu, you can grab HUD and control this fine product true it. Plenty options for all preferences and user styles.

All animations used in this fine product are top in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, providing you with best animated visual stimulation for your RP moments. On test for this review, new *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Poolside Towel for Couples, was performing great, i was not able to find any downside or glitch to it, and all animations where well aligned for average sized avatars.

With amazing low price and high quality and performance in same time, i can only give my strong recommendation to this new *- ReACT Gen Xi -* Poolside Towel for Couples release and advise you all to look for it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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