Animalive*Empress Bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

For few weeks i did get many of your questions about femdom beds. What to choose, biggest menu, options etc, so i did little research, ask few of my female friends that are in femdom and this is what i come up with; Animalive*Empress Bed.

So many users of it cant be wrong, so lets read some technical details and description of it from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"You probably saw lot of beds but I am sure you have never seen bed like that! For those who knows what is DOMINATION!
The best AnimAlive animations collected in one stylish bed - detailed mesh-sculpty originally designed furniture with sets of HQ unique animations.

--- Full Version---

For those who wants all in one bed! DOMINATE, sleep, dance, cuddles, kisses, foreplay, sex, roleplay menu, scenes!

- 363 animations (more than 150 couple animations)

- 7(!!!) smooth sequenced scenes with total play time about 2 hours! (next, pause functions will make it shorter or longer)
Seduction, SexMeUp, Reallove, Massage, PureFeelings, SexExercises and ExtremeDesires

- Dominatrix menu - about 60 couple anims!!!

- 7 Design styles - texture changer to match any room!

- Original props (for example, Femdom book with changing pictures)

- Adds for dominatrix RP (ropes, strapon, dildo, shave stuff, etc)

- Mesh Fireplace and Pinned Pillow BONUS!!!

Prim count:
Bed - 26 prims (partial mesh).
Props - min 1 prim, max 9.
Fireplace - 11 prims (modify).
Pillow - 8 prims (modify).


Bed is No Copy/No Mod/No Transfer - may not be exchanged, replaced or refunded. Be careful with no copy items!"

Design is bold and unique, allowing you to use this bed in bed room or in dungeon. Additional box of miss and sub items, Goth fire place and pinned pillow that comes in side each purchase box will only make you blend in that bed more in any space you wanna use it. Bed also have texture changer so options are plenty.

MLPV2.5c is system chosen for main menu, reliable and dependable. Menu is logical, divided in following sub menus: couples, scenes, dominatrix and rest of the buttons are for design/texture changer and controls of the bed. Nothing to complicated, just rez, click and enjoy.

One more thing that i like to add about menu and i know you will ask me that if i don't answer it right away; yes you can use Animalive*Empress Bed as "normal" non femdom bed, plenty animations and options for it, so its safe to say we have well rounded and versatile product in front of us.

Animations are in high quality, hand made by  Iren Tinkel, smooth in transitions, duration long and frames per second rich so on that side all was made more then good. Plenty to choose from and enjoy in.

So with my recommendation, if you are looking for femdom bed that you can use for other purposes to, Animalive*Empress Bed is the way to go. You can find this and other fine AnimAlive Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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