WCP Sex Beds Series

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: ElenaMicheals Core

- Wicked Creative Poses Store

ElenaMicheals Core, well known owner of Wicked Creative Poses Store did start with animated sex beds, and im here to salute that move and present her latest, i will say creative and affordable, products to you my dear readers.

RSC~PERKY POODLE SEX BED, RSC~SNOW LEOPARD SEX BED, RSC~WILDFLOWER SEX BED and RSC~SEX CAROUSEL HORSE are well made low prim mesh beds, with different themes and styles but with same menu and lets not forget, same amazing low price of just 99 L$.

Now folks, creator says she did make those beds for her own personal use as props for photo shoots, she wont be making that often for that price, so get them while you can ;)

Main menu is made in stable and trusted MLPV2.4z9 system, easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: sex 1, sex 2, cuddles, oral, anal and options button. Just right size to set things in motion and get the job done if you ask me ;)

Animations are in solid quality, and effort from ElenaMicheals Core to aligned them right is well noticeable. All together great start and more then quality product for the price.

I'm really glad to see ElenaMicheals Core moving and expanding her store from clothes and static poses to animated furniture to and am looking forward to see what she will made for us in future :)

With my recommendation, you can find this fine new WCP Sex Beds Series in world store only, on link under the text:


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