Pestique Store double feature:

Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! & Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

Today i will open my review little bit differently, with confession; I just love the way leather looks on Sara Greene's product. there i said it. And its not new thing, it was that way from begging, like from her Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texturechange, true all products that come later and it is like that today.

I'm saying that in first way because of new Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite! in leather and almost twin sister Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! in fabric that looks amazing to. So lets start with review ;)

Technical details and description from creator, Sara Greene:

(since technical details and menus are same in bout chairs, difference is just in look of object, im posting creator data just for couples beanbag)

"Couples beanbag chair with singles and couples menus.
Gives wearable objects, rezzes props.
This listing is the Adult version, PG version also available (see related items)

9 single animations (male or female).
21 couples cuddle animations
1 PG sequence (drinking wine) with wineglasses
9 Foreplay
15 Sex (+ 21 extras)
4 Adult sequences

Uses AVSitter - no poseballs, sit directly on the furniture. First person to sit gets the 'female' pose - or use the SWAP button on the menu.
Some poses rezz props or wearable objects, on these poses you will get a popup menu requesting permissions to attach. When you switch pose, the attached object will disappear. (Maximum size of rezzed props/attachments is 19 prims.)
Adult menus use facial expressions and are Xcite! compatible.

SEQUENCES menu has one pose (SipWine) which rezzes a wineglass to hold - use the buttons HoldWine and DropWine to attach/detach the wineglass.

Each sitter can adjust their own seated position using the ADJUST menu. Beanbag will remember individual adjustments.
Owner can choose who is allowed to sit, select SECURITY from the adjust menu to switch between owner only, group, or all.
Owner can turn off facial expressions, if required.

The beanbag has multiple texture options and can rezz optional decor. Touch the shadow prim for a menu to rezz or remove decor, or change textures.
Materials enabled.

Thanks for reading :)"

Bout made in 100% mesh with 3 prims land impact, new Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! & Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite! are necessity for any SL home or club. Young, playful but still elegant, with amazing textures and texture changer they will blend in like they where custom made for space where you wanna use them.

Fair price, copy permission, available in PG version only to.

Menu is identical in bout for them, made in AVsitter™2.1 no pose balls system, easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: singles, couples PG, couples XXX, sequences, extras and adjust button. So as you can see plenty ways to use and enjoy in this new quality made products :)

There is one more thing that bugs me, so i will say it here; I do see plenty of Pestique store products in SL private homes, but beside Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texturechange almost nothing from Pestique in open to public clubs. Why i have no clue. what i do see is that Sara Greene making progress with all of her new builds, expending menus with animations and keeping same high quality in design, so club owners, be sure to check her store ;)

All animations used in new Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! & Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite! are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

In addition, on test for this review new Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! & Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite! did preform great, animations where smooth in transition and very well aligned for average sized avatars, so i was not able to find any down side to it.

With my recommendation you can find this new Couples Beanbag Chair (Adult) Xcite! & Old Bean Couples Beanbag (Adult) Xcite! and other fine Pestique store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

Market Place:



In World Store:


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