*- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

"50 Shades of Grey" was big movie hit and im sure many of you , my dear readers are well familiar with it. Many people and sim owners in SL trying to have role play inspired by the film, making rooms looking like they do on screen etc. For all of you that do that i have great news today.

Akaesha Revnik, owner and creator of well known Akaesha ReACT Store, released new *- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2. 100% inspired by film "50 Shades of Grey", authentic and with many animations and scenes that are closest and almost identical as in film. So lets start with the review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Akaesha Revnik:

.........RED ROOM COLLECTION (RLV enabled)
..........(Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey Roleplay)

"1500 Very High Quality Animations.
Following items are Included*
★ The Red Room HUD (Rez all items with a touch of a button)
★ Red Room Skybox

★ 2 Exclusive High Quality Suspension Beds
Red Room - Elegant*
Red Room Classic* (As Seen in the Movie)

★ Suspension Rack ( As Seen in the Movie)
★ Spanking Bench
★ Slave Pillow
★ Animated Wall Art (with famous kiss scene from the 50 Shades of Grey Movie!)
★ Matching Decor (Table lamp, plants, fireplaces, rug, fountain etc.)

>>> Note: NOT made from full perm, stock or freebie animations.
The Red Room Collections comes with hundreds of brand new animations made from the state of the art animation technology.
You will find our animations, super fluid, fps rich and faster loading that any other animation in SL.
Akaesha Animations are the apex of animation technology for intimacy in Second Life.

1500 Total Animations
- The total number of animations (found inside the contents of the products included in the set)
- One of the best Menu Organizations you will find with access to animations based on your mood.

★ Extensive Bondage (Dom Sub) Menu - RLV Enabled with Stripping!
Over 400 NEW Bondage Animations, never seen before that will blow your mind!

★ Rough Menu - A Collection of all exotic rough scenes
★ Suspension Menu - A Full collection of Suspension scenes
★ Spank Menu - A Full collection of a variety of Spanking scenes!
★ Bonus Fingering Scenes - Never seen before!

★ Full Oral and Foreplay Menu
★ Multiple Animated Orgasms to put the cherry on top!
★ Cuddles, Kissing, Breakfast in Bed and more!
★ Wearable props such as Cuffs, Flogger, Riding Crop, Blind fold and more.
★ Rezzable Blanket, Sundae, Cherry, Wine, Chocolate and more!

★ Adjustable Speeds and positions!
★ Texture Changer
★ RLV Enabled
★ Free Updates and Solid Customer Service support! We are a reputable and well established brand for animated products in SL. We back that up with several years of experience and top notch customer support!

What's new in Version 2 for Red Room Collection?

-- Improved the prop technology
-- Improved the syncing technology
...........Animations now properly Sync and load faster
-- "Caress2" in Spanking Bench is now animated
-- Fixed an issue where sometimes cuffs were not given out properly
-- Performance fixes
-- Added texture changer in Classic Bondage Bed
-- RLV "Submit" no longer generates error message
-- Improved menu structure for easier navigation

--- Our Animations are simply a cut above the rest -----

*Red Room is designed for RLV Compatibility, please play responsibly. We do not promote violence or abuse.
Keep your role play experience consensual and fun and most importantly, within terms of community guidelines."

There is few aspects of this fine new product, *- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2, that i like to emphasize here for you, my dear readers; First, with out any doubt will be that in purchase box you getting whole set of furniture with decorations and actual room as structure to. Each furniture and decoration item is listed above, so i wont take your time to rewriting all that, but i will say that whole package will save your money and time.

When you rez the purchase box you have all out, set and ready. No need for additional searching on market place for decorations, spending money on them, trying to match them, place them in right position and so on. Just rez, click button and enjoy :)

Great as set or separate, this fine new product *- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2 will provide you with unique movie inspired RP experience, with awesome performance, bondage options and supreme animations.

Usually i say here that all animations used in this new fine product are high in quality, frames per second rich and duration long, but when it comes to Akaesha ReACT Store product you already know that ;)

On test for this review new *- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2 did performed flawlessly, all animations where well aligned, smooth in transition, RLV and particles for bondage did work and rezz perfectly so i was not able to find any down side to it.

With all that said i do recommend new *- Akaesha's -* Red Room Collection v2 and other fine Akaesha ReACT Store products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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