Warm - Slave Collar

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: WarmAnimations Lisa

- Warm Animations

For the long time we didn't have nothing from Warm Animations Store on my blog, so im sure you, my dear readers, will be happy to see that WarmAnimations Lisa is back with new high quality item, Warm - Slave Collar.

Description and technical details from creator WarmAnimations Lisa:

"I make a Slave Collar with a matching Leash Holder and Rope Pole and of course full of Warm Animations for Slave alone and also 10 Couples Animations for Dom & Sub RP and also Dances Kisses Hugs to share the best moments together!


Mesh Collar
Mesh Leash Holder
Mesh Rope Pole
Custom matching Chain Particle
Custom Stand Pose with all the 31 slave animations
Mesh Rug with all the Master/Slave Couples Animations


Open Collar Script
Custom 31 Slave Animations
Custom 10 Master/Slave Couples Animations"

What makes this new Warm - Slave Collar different from all others collars that we can find on market? First i would say its whole system, not just collar by it self.

You will notice that purchase box contains much more then just collar; Mesh Leash Holder, Mesh Rope Pole with Custom matching Chain Particle, Custom Stand Pose with all the 31 slave animations and Mesh Rug with all the Master/Slave Couples Animations made in AVsitter™2.0 no pose balls system.

Animations are custom made and bout collar and rug contains them. Names of animations my be the same like in original OC static poses, but they are animated and they are much smoother in movement and transition. After all they are made by WarmAnimations Lisa.

So with purchase of this new fine set, you getting all that you will need for you and your sub. High class precision made collar with well known and used OC script, that i personally like the best among all other on the market because its easy to use and to update with many additional after marked huds for master and slave that you can find on MP, so you don't have to type anything on local chat if you don't wanna to.

Mesh Rug with all the Master/Slave Couples Animations is awesome and welcome addition, specially for d/s couples that are in photography. perfect poses that you can adjust and use as you please and have perfect fit.

Also i would like to add that price for whole set is fair and affordable, WarmAnimations Lisa is established and well known maker with good customer service and top quality animations.

With my recommendation you can find this new Warm - Slave Collar and other fine Warm Animations products in world store and on SL market place on links under the text:



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