Opera Bed by Abiss

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

So many of you, my dear readers, sending me requests for Abiss made bed review. You are saying in your requests that Abiss got that refined and exclusive design, and together with high quality animations, makes unique and awesome furniture. I couldn't agree with you more, so i did contacted Frasha Boa, creator and owner of Abiss store and she send me new Opera Bed by Abiss. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Frasha Boa:

"Thank You for interest in this fine product!

We are proud to present our latest exclusive bed. 3d produced and shaded it sets new standards to SL furniture.

Here are the facts:

MOD/ no copy/ TRANSFER

MOD/COPY/no transfer

Prim count:
bed - 11 prims
console table with lamp - 3 prims
console table with vase - 6 prims

bed size is 4 x 4 m

Bed - multi texture - several highly detailed and realistic textures every part of design can be customized with ease via menu.
Separate texture options for framework, duvet, headboard, legs, pillows and mattress. Additional mod rights allow unlimited number of possibilities ( if someone might need special color options)
Console tables that come with bed are scripted, so texture change works in conjunction with bed design menu.
Touch Headboard for design feature menu
Touch elsewhere for animation - pose ball menu

There is around 600 different animations grouped into roughly  290 pose pairs.

Cuddles 70 animations pairs
Adult - foreplay (115 pose sets), intercourse, rough intercourse(most animation sets are non-specific - heterosexual, gay, she-male... etc.), Dom&Feet (10 pairs)
Sequences 2x  ( adult either play mode or select animations) plus individual pose sets accessible separately
Lesbian - girl only (24 pairs, cuddles and sex)
3some cuddles(5 pose sets), 3some intercourse (7 pose sets, male and 2 female avatars)

Activities and fun - Breakfast in bed , notebook computers, books etc... couples(10 pairs) and solo (12)

*** poses are set with most common avatars height ( 100 for male, 80 for female) ***

## Customization
 If by any chance you are not satisfied with textures, you can use SL built in color tint options. For that you need to know most basic building in SL.

 In case you want to change texture for console tables independently from bed, there is a small trick. Console tables use listen script with 10m range. Lets say you want them all black, you set textures via bed menu, then move them temporary away or pick up to inventory, set bed textures, and move console tables back to preferred position.

Try avoiding prim rearrangement (unlinking / linking back etc...). Purpose of mod permissions on bed is mainly to adjust and make permanent backup of positions to fit your avatar. Different arrangements of prims might make bed inaccurately shaded, therefore will lose on visual realism aspect. In addition, might cause texture switching function to be corrupted.

Note: Lamp is linked to console table, you can turn it on/off
Second console table comes with vase and flowers, its got 6 prims, however you can take out flowers if you decide to (unlink them using edit linked), it will become 2 prim object.

- Why do I hover, sitting, after sitting on a poseball?
Be sure to answer "Yes" to the pop up that asks permission to animate your avatar.  This is often buried under the MLP main menu, so click the ">>>" to cycle through menus.  This is SL behavior and there's no way to fix it, other than turning "remenu" off.

- Will my animations be lost if I lose a poseball?
No. The animations are not placed the balls, they remain in the main MLP object. Don't worry about the poseballs, they are copies of the one in the MLP object. A balls will commit suicide if left behind somewhere (the MLP object needs to be within 20m).

- Sometimes notecards or scripts won't open for editing, why?
If the MLP contains many animations, access to it's contents can be slow, try again after a few seconds.

- "Script run-time error / Stack-Heap Collision"?
Right-click/Edit the object, and use SL menu: "Tools -> Reset Scripts in Selection" to reset.
Any saved positions that were not backed up in .POSITIONS files are lost, so if your furniture has lots of poses (over 50) and you save positions, be sure to back up regularly.  Use OPTIONS -> Pos Reset after changing .POSITIONS* files.

- I cant find poseballs or Pose balls are misplaced ?
Go to intimacy menu/options, shutdown and restart.

- How to setup my animations?
go to here:   http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Using_MLP_or_MLPV2

For any further question, IM or note to Frasha Boa.

Kind Regards,
Abiss team"

As you can see on top, bed is available in trans and in copy version. Main thing is, and i really wanna emphasize this, Opera Bed by Abiss got that "old world high class" exclusive look, that is so characteristic and traditional for Abiss furniture product. That timeless design of luxury and style comes in 100% mes product, with 11 prims land impact.

But new Opera Bed by Abiss is not the only thing that you will get in the purchase box. Opera Console Table with Lamp and Opera Console Table with Vase are also included. Build in texture changer that will work on bout tables and bed is on back side of bed frame and it will allow you full customization of bed and tables plus you can choose do you wanna your new Opera Bed by Abiss messy, covered or made ;)

Main menu is made in MLPV2.4z7 system easy to use and dependable, divided on following sub menus: cuddles, girl fun, 3 some, adult, activities, sequences and options button. So as you can see there is plenty ways and options to use this new fine product for all ;)

On test of this Opera Bed by Abiss, all went ok, all animations where high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, well aligned and smooth in transition so i was not able to find any down side to this fine new product.

with my recommendation, you can find this new Opera Bed by Abiss and other fine Abiss Interior Design Products in wold store, on link under the text:


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