*DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Trends now showing that full sets of furniture are the way to go at the moment, and i do understand and support that. Simple you have all for decorating in side one box, you use as many prims you have or like to use and all matches perfectly. Same case is with *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03, new product from Ray Zymurgy, creator and owner of Digital Dream Furniture Store.

From tables to plants, from wall pictures to statues and much more together with huge all around great bed, all in one purchase box matching perfectly for fair price. In my eyes *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03 is defiantly whole room set, then just bed. So lets start with the review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Ray Zymurgy:

"How do you take your coffee?
Try this ...
Slightly sweetened with honey, add a dash of milk,
adds some dark chocolate flakes ...
Mmmmmmmm...is so creamy and sweet with just what is needed of bitterness.
This coffee is really my favorite when I need to feel comfy ...
Then when you come try this new bed ...
Make That coffee, wear your prefered pajamas, and enjoy ...

but not too fast, let the flakes melt slowly ...héhé
Café au lait...

Modern, comfy and creamy...
come have fun
The Pack BDSM Includes:
Lamp, Tables, Canvas, commode, rug, plant, etc..
MLPv2 Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Full RLV Menu Enabled
Kidnap and force your victim to sit
1020 HQ Animations
554 + 466 (BDSM)
35 plays scenes
17 LI for the bed
all piece of the room get 1 li to 9 li
we use Xpose and MLPV2 engine in this bed ... you get the fluidity necessary for lovescenes with Xpose and you get the strength of the RLV menu
with MLPV2
All in same bed
Modify / Copy / No Transfer

Low lag system, has been tested in fully active BDSM sims.

-Pillory1 : 12 animations
-Pillory2 : 12 animations
-Chair: 48 animations
-Cross: 24 animations
-Pole 1: 38 animations
-Pole 2: 18 animations
- Pole 3: 6 animations
-Stool: 18 animations
-Bench: 144 animations
-Cage: 67 Animations
-Rack: 24 animations
-Rug: 66 animations

Digital Dream:
Amazing animations, excellent customer service. experience our variety of furniture & HUDS. high quality, modern and classic living styles for a reasonable price,

We are a partner of your digital life since 2007
Thank you Xx"

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Well designed, rich and luxurious, new *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03 will allow you to indulge and pleasure your self and your partner in any way you like.

Made in mesh, bed with sex menu is 17 prims land impact by it self, and all extra items you can rezz if you like. If not you will still have awesome bed that will provide you with plenty options for all yours sensual and sexual needs.

Again, i wanna point to advantages of buying sets like this new *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03. You have all that you might ever need from finest esthetic's detail to grand and luxury bed with sex menu in just one box, in one place and for just one fair price. No need to spend extra time, extra money and putting your decorative skills on the test. I like it like that ;)

Main menu is made in XPOSE (version 4.0 ul), dependable and easy to use, divided on following buttons: life style, cuddling, love, RLV toy and options button. All of those buttons will lead you to more sub menus and ways to use this fine new bed, specially the RLV toys button that will allow to rezz full dungeon with many different props.

All animations used in this fine *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03 are high in quality, frames per second rich and duration long, chosen and put together to provide you with unique visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03 was working with out any problems, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and all was working flawlessly. I was not able to find any down side to it.

With my recommendation you can find this new *DD* Cafe au lait Bed (LoveScene+BDSM) v1.03 and other fine Digital Dream Furniture Products  in world store only on link under the text:



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