VJ-Beastly Embrace - OmniPotent

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

Today hand made product is specialized for punishing your sub/slave, so im sure many doms and mistresses out there will like it.

Description and technical details from creator, Vijay Uggla:

"Terrorize your Slaves till they piss themselves

Subdued by your Beastly Strong lover...

Slapped, Fingered, Strangled & Raped in mid-air.


- Powerfully Lift your victim into the air and walk around .

- SLAM your victim face first onto the Ground .

- SLAP your victim into submission .

- Finger that Hole till sweet particle juices squirts out!!

- Strangle and Rape like there's no tomorrow .

- Victim can pee in terror

- Slave/Victim can struggle

Examples for use:
* Demonic Slave Rape Fantasies

* Dominate your partner everywhere!!

* Make your Sex Club come alive with Sex Balls that users can move around Fucking + RPing + Cybersex!!

* or Whatever other sick fantasies you may have


1. rez the object onto ground

2. Victim sits on red "Victim" Ball, Beast sits on round Grey Object labelled "Beast"


Up/Down - Move Forward/Back
Left/Right - Rotate Left/Right
Shift + (Left) - Slap
Shift + (Right) - Slam
PgUp - Strangle & Fuck
PgDn - Finger
Touch Vehicle - Pee

Left Mouse Button - Struggle
Touch Vehicle - Pee

3. to end ride, simply stand up.

Note: may not suit Avatar size combinations, some adjustments might be needed for certain Avatars, these may

Adjusting the height of your Avatar (under appearances)
Adjusting the position of the red "Victim" ball. simply right click it and select "Edit", choose "Edit Linked
Parts" option and then move the ball into position. remount the ball to check if it fits.




Join my group "Club OmniPotent" for updates, potential to model for my products, possible sales etc...

Visit my shop for more goodies, orgies and in-store demos"

====technical notes=========

Modify - Yes
Copy - Yes
Transfer - No


Low in prims and land impact, with original solutions and hand made animations that can be find in only this product, and on very affordable price now, this VJ-Beastly Embrace - OmniPotent is "must have" item for all subs and slave owners in SL.

Animations are made in top quality, unique and chosen just for this fine product, smooth in transition and performance, will provide you with brand new experience in "punishing" your sub/slave.

With my recommendation you can find this fetish VJ-Beastly Embrace - OmniPotent and other fine OmniPotent Animations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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