Essensual - Animated Dancer Statue

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Bethi Catteneo

- Essensual Sculptures

This review will be something that i was plaining to do long time, but something else did always come up. Now finally, thanks to your requests my dear readers and easy to work with Bethi Catteneo, owner and creator of Essensual Sculptures store im finally out of excuses ;)

Story goes like this; Working with Alina animations store i did come across Bethi Catteneo work. And to be honest i was amazed on first look. Statues that she was making where extremely realistic and well made in low prim for that kinda precision and details compared to others in SL. And that was first time that idea to present her work and store on my blog come to my mind.

Finally now, couple month after that first look at her work, and many summer related products that was presented on my blog, requests did start to come up, asking me to do out door and indoor club decorations. My readers well know that i like unusual items, that are in high quality, and all that make me finally to contact Bethi Catteneo directly and im glad that i did. Beside her undisputed creativity she is awesome person to work with.

So lets start with todays review, Essensual - Animated Dancer Statue. Description from creator, Bethi Catteneo:

"A 30 Land impact ANIMATED statue of a dancing girl in a bikini. Copyable and modifiable. When modifying please make sure NOT to remove the script from the inside of the statue and be aware that increasing the size of the statue will also increase the land impact.

Scripted with three different speeds, bikini can be removed, shadow prim can be disabled."

In my eyes, this fine product, Essensual - Animated Dancer Statue, is necessity for good strip club, brothel or any social gathering place with erotic or sex theme. If your club is not that full, with this statue people that comes in will not have that empty space felling, and if it is full, watching hot curves on that dancer statue moves, will keep the theme and atmosphere hot and sex related.

Be sure to check her store and look at her fine products, many other sim owners already did ;)

With my recommendation you can find this new Essensual - Animated Dancer Statue and other fine Essensual Sculptures products on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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