[AA] Shop Counter

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

What do you get when two amazing creators like Alina Graf and BelleJour Shinn join forces? Brand new product, [AA] Shop Counter that will amaze you with low prim, additional equipment and decorations you get whit him in purchase box and top quality animations for more then affordable price. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:

"A new product in collaboration with Breath of Lust Design.
Shop Counter model mesh, for any urban rpg play. It could work for sex shops, pizza shops or any shops placed in an adult land where it will be fun have sex with clerk and customer.

• 79 Animations for FM, MMF and FFM combination
• 4 texture changers
• Many optional accessories: cash, boxes, products, pizza and back counter
• Only 2 prims equivalent
• Xcite devices compliant

• All animations are made by myself, Alina Graf
• Mesh model and textures are made by BelleJour Shinn

Come to Alina Animations store to test a working demo."

First thing that i like to say that this is not just counter, but whole store system. In purchase box you will find front counter with sex menu and texture changer, back counter with texture changer, pizza box with type of pizza changer, cash register, dildo boxes, two different lingerie boxes and paper boxes. All in copy version. Amazing detailed and low prim all this will allow you to create your own fantasy shop space ideal for any urban RP scenario.

Main menu is made in XPOSE (version 4.0), system that we all know well, user friendly and reliable, divided in following sub menus: m clerk, f clerk, sex mmf, sex ffm, voyeur m, voyeur f and options button. All this combinations ensure that you can have any type of store sexual fantasy on it in easy and quality way.

What shall i say about Alina's animations that i didn't say in my previous reviews of her fine furniture? Definitely one of the best animations that you can see in SL, hand made by Alina Graf, in undisputed high quality, frames per second rich and duration long are used in this new [AA] Shop Counter.

On test for this review new just released [AA] Shop Counter did perform impeccable, all animations where smooth in transition, well adjusted and i was really impressed with quality and look of additional equipment that you get with this product and with, in my opinion, low price for this amount of high end quality product.

With all this said i'm not only highly recommend this new [AA] Shop Counter but i also think this is the must buy item for this week. You can find this new [AA] Shop Counter and other fine Alina Animations products on SL market place or in worlds store on links under the text:



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