Essensual - Poledancer Girl Statue (With a TipJar Script) v2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Bethi Catteneo

- Essensual Sculptures

After first review of Essensual Sculptures creations on my blog i did have big and positive feed back form you, my dear readers, so first let me thank you for that, and fell free to send more comments and suggestions any time you like. For todays feature, like you did requested, ill do Essensual - Poledancer Girl Statue (With a TipJar Script) v2.

Description and technical details from creator, Bethi Catteneo:

"* An updated version ! If you happen to have the old version please IM Bethi Catteneo for an update *

A 100% mesh low Land Impact (17-23 depending on the size) stripper , pole dancer statue. It is scripted with a simple tip jar script.

Different clothes disappear depending on the amount of money paid to it. You can set the tips in the script easily or if you want just the statue - delete the script or turn it off.

She is modifiable so you can change the color of her clothes, hair etc.

This statue will look great in your club, even in your house."

Any club owner knows that all is in details and crowd you keep in your place. Plus rent is ruthless, don't care about RL obligation, health or what ever, it just needs to be payed. There is sea of different tip jars for sims out there, but except few lines on local chat or some free gift it wont do nothing else for person who tips and contribute that sim expenses are meet. This new Essensual - Poledancer Girl Statue (With a TipJar Script) v2 changes that.

Depends on amount that person pays it will take off her clothes for some amount of time. That makes ideal for strip clubs, and similar places, first visitors have felling like there is always someone there for them, they got some "flesh" view back for they cash and all is perfect ;)

Highly detailed and almost "alive"  Essensual - Poledancer Girl Statue (With a TipJar Script) v2 decorative value is with out any questioning, so no matter do you wanna make some cash to meet your sim needs or just have good decorated club or place of your own this is right product for you.

With my recommendation you can find Essensual - Poledancer Girl Statue (With a TipJar Script) v2 or other fine Essensual Sculptures products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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