[AF] Hot Sand Beach Towel

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

In SL summer never ends, if you don't wanna to. So for all of you that are enjoying sandy beaches and sun rays this is ideal product: [AF] Hot Sand Beach Towel.

Technical details and description from creator, Sin Mikado:

"Abandoned Freight's

Hot Sand Beach Towel

Beach and Poolside fun done right again by Abandoned Freight! Romantic and Intimate Fully Loaded towel with plenty of poses and textures to choose from. And if your familiar with Abandoned Freight's work.. then you know with every release we always select the top current animations to use while retiring the rest!

ONLY 2 Prims

259 High Quality Smooth Animations

Single Poses Tanning Relax Masturbation

Couple Relax, Tanning, Cuddle, Romantic, Erotic

9 12min erotic sequences and 80 Towel Textures

Easy Rezzing Texturing Panel To preview and apply textures
(Texture Panel Toggle On/Off Via 1 Menu Button)

**NOTE** Of the 80 textures 40 are Flags of various countries.. see in word first! Don't troll me cause you didn't read this part first or DEMO inworld! Or if I didn't include your country, it is nothing personal!

Abandoned Freight offers a variety of Adult furniture and other goods. Specializing unique themed products for both Home Public and Dungeon play no matter the sim's theme at a Low Cost while still keeping Quality at mind! Come Visit our inworld store and hangout, Abandoned for Events, Special Sales and Promos for group members."

What shall i say about this fine new product? Its certainly not just "another towel". Possibilities that texture changer with huge texture menu provide us are amazing, and fitting this towel in any space of your liking will be child play. Decoration in same time with high functionality and awesome menu.

Menu is MLPV2.5c system, reliable and logical, having in side all that you need for amazing RP. You add to that numerous high quality animations, that are long in duration and frame per second rich, and result is one of the finest beach sex RP item on market.

On test for this review, [AF] Hot Sand Beach Towel was performing flawlessly, and with Abandoned Freight Main Store great customer service thats just another plus and reason why i will recommend this new product to all my readers, and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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