Pestique Linen & Leather Divan (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

New long waited product is out from Pestique store; Pestique Linen & Leather Divan (Adult) Xcite!. Modern and fresh but classic in same time.

Technical details and description form creator, Sara Greene:

"Not quite a chaise, not quite a sofa... but definitely somewhere to sit! This modern style seat is designed for couples, and includes cuddles, activities, massages, sleeps, hot sex.... and many things in between!
As a bonus there is an extra seat for person#3, and menus for MMF and MFF groups.

Menu is divided into unsynchronized single sits and synchronized couples / threesome sits. While using the single sit menu, each person can change their own pose independently of the other sitters. If any of the seated avatars chooses a couples or threesome pose from the menu, all avatars will synchronize smoothly into the new pose.

Each seated avatar can adjust his or her position easily, using the adjust button on the menu, and the couch will remember the individual adjustments for up to 500 avatars (making this ideal for group or public areas!)

Menus are laid out logically, with categories for Singles, Threesome cuddles, Couples cuddles, couples watching TV, couples massages (with two massage sequences), couples activities, and couples kisses. In the adult section the menus include true foreplay and various sex positions. In addition, there are 9 sequences for couples, which feature animations not used in previous menus! Finally, the Xstras menu contains 53 poses from the sequences menu. In total there are 54 PG couples/threesome menu items, 96 adult menu items and not forgetting 36 single poses (each seat has 6male and 6female poses) - a total of 406 animations!

The couch comes with an inbuilt texture change menu and 6 warm colors to choose from, and is enabled for Materials (make sure you tick the Advanced Lighting Model in preferences to see the full benefit of materials enabled items!) Fully mesh, and with an entirely reasonable Land Impact, this is a couch to be enjoyed in any room of the house, on the porch, or in the garden."

After so detailed description there is not much left for me to say. Still they are few things that i wanna to emphasize. First would be copy feature, like always by Pestique store products, and that makes them ideal for all club and landowners in SL.

With style, design and texture changer this new Pestique Linen & Leather Divan (Adult) Xcite! will fit in castle manor or modern home, urban RP area almost any place you can imagine like its custom made for it, so very versatile and useful product.

Animations, like always by Sara Greene creations, are in premium quality, carefully put together to give you best visual animated stimulation for your RP moments.

With my recommendation you can find this new Pestique Linen & Leather Divan (Adult) Xcite! and other fine Pestique store products on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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