::WS:: Master Couch

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Viara Jewell

- ::WS:: Creations


New release from ::WS:: Creations store, ::WS:: Master Couch, will amaze you with fine design, extreme texture changing and fitting abilities and naturally with great animations menu. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Viara Jewell:

"This amazing couch with its elegant and classic design holds much more than its 377 beautiful and smooth animations spread across 147 of the sexiest poses you've ever seen.

Here you will find love, romance, shelter as well as passion, desire and lust. The Master will hold his girl (or girls for the greedy ones!) and protect them, and of course have sexy moments with great cuddles and foreplay, followed by the hottest sex scenes you could possibly think of.

Here's a small list of features you can find in it:

- 377 high end animations
- Extra long looped sequences
- Supports M-M-F and M-F-F poses
- No poseballs needed
- Over 30 different textures for fabric, 10 different wood options, fully tintable with our exclusive HUD that goes along in the package
- Suitable for a dungeon, bedroom or even your living room
- High quality and detailed mesh with low land impact
- Built-in support for Xcite! and Sensations

Get your WS Master Couch now and see how much it can improve your experience and extend your fantasies to a new level!
Check it out in our inworld shop and see how amazing it is!"

Like i said in beginning, design of this new fine product, ::WS:: Master Couch, will amaze you with details and fine build, but texture changer and options for customization will leave you speechless. After you chose between 30 different fabric and 10 different wood textures with HUD that you wear you can additional color and dark/brighten that texture. You can really make that couch blend in or pop out any indoor space of your choosing like its literally custom made just for you.

But fine timeless design is not all that new ::WS:: Master Couch has. Main menu build in AVsitter™2.0 no pose balls system, is logical and easy to use. Cowering all from solo poses to threesomes in following sub menus: solo, cuddles, dom/sub, foreplay, oral sex, penetration, 2 slaves, threesome, get cuffs, appearance and adjusting button.

Viara Jewell's products are been reviewed by me many times on this blog, and i think that all my readers know by now that she is only using high quality animations that are matching top design and look of her furniture. Also on test for this review new ::WS:: Master Couch performed in same way as he is looking, impeccable.

With all that said i do highly recommend new  ::WS:: Master Couch to all my readers, no matter if they are in D/S or not, because of all versatility of menu all will be happy with them. You can find this new fine product on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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