*DD* Doux Reve

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Digital Dream Furniture reopened the doors with new store on same sim, and with new bed, *DD* Doux Reve. Many beds in SL are kinda same, but thats not the case with new *DD* Doux Reve. Many new solutions and options, advantages for final user and huge menu filled with great animations and items with additional menus is just few of good things this new product have to offer, so lets start with the review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Ray Zymurgy:

*DD* Doux Reve BDSM FullPack

Available in 2 versions: *DD* Doux Reve Soft FullPack (Cuddling & Lovescene) & *DD* Doux Reve BDSM FullPack(Cuddling & Lovescene & BDSM) Perfect for any lifestyle.

Both versions of the bed feature 554 of the highest quality animations, along with 35 sensual play scenes Or you can play all anims one by one if you prefer, cause you can choose. Both versions are Xcite! & Sensations compatible and have a land impact of 19!
The BDSM version adds another 466 amazing BDSM animations, 12 RLV BDSM toys and is also RLV compatible. Compare their features below.

Digital Dream Presents our low prim, high style, fully functional Furniture.
Ambient shading, unique textures, quality building and design.

Xpose Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Can be set to group, all or owner only
Facial Animations on/off
Chat on/off
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active sims.

The Pack BDSM Includes:

*DD* Doux Reve BDSM FullPack (LoveScene+BDSM)
Pink and Blue version
Lamp, Tables, Canvas, etc..
1020 HQ Animations
554 + 466 (BDSM)
35 plays scenes
Xcite! & Sensation & RLV
15 LI
Modify / Copy / No Transfer

MLPv2 Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
RLV Enabled
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active BDSM sims.

-Pillory1 : 12 animations
-Pillory2 : 12 animations
-Chair: 48 animations
-Cross: 24 animations
-Pole 1: 38 animations
-Pole 2: 18 animations
- Pole 3: 6 animations
-Stool: 18 animations
-Bench: 144 animations
-Cage: 67 Animations
-Rack: 24 animations
-Rug: 66 animations

Come try out the *DD* Doux Reve BDSM at Digital Dream


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Now its my turn to say few words, and this time i wont do it like usually do, ill try to stay away from all technical stuff and just try to explain what this bed has to offer to final user, you, and what are advantages to have it.

Lets start with purchase box. first that you will see when you open it that you don't have one bed in side, but two of them (blue & pink). So first, you got two at price of one, not small thing ;)

After you open the box from one in desired color, you will see that is much more in side then just a bed. In fact, all that you see on picture, vase, table, all decorations are in side. That means no additional shopping for decorations, try to find perfect one that matching in color and design, and naturally spending additional money. All is in side all you have to do is rezz it.

Now lets say we are over the rezzing stage, and you did wait long time for that big menu filled with all good animations to load. And you wanna use scenes, that are 35 in side this fine new product. Options again. Play it whole or just use segments that you like from it, and create your own ideal dream scene for RP of your preference.

Sugar comes at the end, and so it does 12 different BDSM separate build in menu items in side this new fine product. All of them are copy. Just take it in your inventory, bed will rezz new one when you need it. But now you have 12 separate BDSM items for your dungeon or what ever space you like, each with is own menu. So lets pretend for second that you didn't need or looking for bed in first place, what you did get is 12 piece BDSM dungeon set with two beds extra that will rez all that items again when ever you like ;)

This is how i see it, and those are reasons in my eyes why i like this new *DD* Doux Reve i will say set of beds, and why i will recommend to all my readers to try and see all i'm talking about for them self. Links for SL market place and new in world redecorated store are under the text:



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