[AA] Fireplace (x4)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Brand new release from Alina Animations store, [AA] Fireplace (x4), is ideal addition for this cold December SL days. It will bring warm, fun and touch of elegance where ever you rezz it, so lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:


The mesh model has been made to meet modern AND classic furniture houses. The texture changer makes the trick letting you change the model apparel.
The Fireplace has a full sex enable rug in front of it, filled with poses from kisses, cuddles, teases and sex, both genders and up to 4somes.
The fireplace base has texture in tone with the rest.

• 661 animations and 287 poses, all hand made
• 9 prims mesh model (Land Impact)
• Texture changer with 22 themes: 13 for the rug, 9 for the fireplace
• FM, FM, FFM, MMF, FFF, FMFM, MMMF, FFFM, FFFF combinations
• Copy and Mod permissions

• Animations were made by myself, Alina Graf
• Fireplace mesh model was made by Selina Anatra
• Rug mesh model was made by Bethi Catteneo

• Animations are Copy
• Scripts are Copy or Copy/Mod
• Notecards are Copy or Full Perm
• Rezzed items are Copy/Transfer"

So many times i was asked when Alina will make it, so im really glad to say its out folks! First fireplace ever from Alina Animations store, and its looking amazing. 100% mesh build, high on details, with 9 prims land impact and texture changer for fireplace and for rug so you can fit it perfectly in any indoor place where you wanna use it. True texture changer you can also switch the design and turn fire place from modern to classic and vice versa.

Main menu is easy to use, made in XPOSE (version 4.0) system, divided on couples, 3somes and 4somes. Couples will have warm up time with fore and after sub menu, then 3 orals menus, 6 sex menus and facial menu. 3some and 4some got many combinations so you are fun guarantied on this fine new product from Alina's store.

Animations are, like always when it comes to Alina furniture, exquisite. Top in quality, duration long and rich in frames per second, with full avi muscle animated, chosen and hand made to provide you with amazing well animated visual support for your sensual and erotic RP scenario.

I was lucky to get this new [AA] Fireplace (x4) even before it was on SL market place and after several hours of testing it, i can only say that its working perfectly. Animations are well adjusted, smooth in transition and texture changer is working great. In addition, to show all my readers that i really like this new product i will be using it for my blog commercial add for January :)

After all that said i can only recommend this new [AA] Fireplace (x4) and other fine Alina Animations product to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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