*- ReACT Lite Body Shot Bar  -*

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

Akaesha Revnik, owner and creator of Akaesha ReACT Store, setting new standards in SL adult furniture, and showing us how much fun we can have here. Today ill present to you, my dear readers, brand new release, *- ReACT Lite Body Shot Bar  -* with amazing options and animations, so lets start with review ;)

Technical details and description from creator, Akaesha Revnik:

....ReACT Lite : Body Shot Bar
>>> Note: NOT made from full perm, stock or freebie animations.

SEE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQMBrS3UdHY

★ Fresh, ALL NEW and CUSTOM Animations (not bulk, stock or purchased full perm)
★ 135 Well made Custom new Animations
★ Handles up to 4 avatars!
★ 7 prim mesh design
★ 22 Special Body Shot scenes (Take the shot off her chest & more)
★ 22 Automatically setup scenes to enhance the body shots
★ 12 Rezzable & Wearable Drinks, Shot glasses, champagne, wine, beer etc.
★ 18 Solo sits for male and female
★ 6 Social scenes (hang out with friends)
★ 29 Wearable Props! (Lather yourself with pouring whiskey bottles, lime in the mouth and various drinks)
★ Many Custom and trendy club looks!
★ Adjustable animations (adjust for avatar size and shape)
★ Integrated facial animations
★ Glow under the chassis (Aurora) to give a stylish look.

★ Adjustable Avatar Positions and Rotations with 1-Click Save
★ Animation Caching, Preloading and Syncing for smooth viewing
★ TEXTURE CHANGER to match your taste! (Custom high quality textures included!)

★ Control the product from a Photo HUD (given out by the product to guests and you)
......~ See the pictures of EVERY animation
★ ACCESS Control - Public, Owner, and Group
......~ Allows full flexibility for you to configure who can use this item

★ 24/7 Customer Support www.akaesha.com"

If you did take few min and watch that youtube video from link above you know now what im talking about. Amazing detailed design work whit countless possibilities and great animations so far unseen in SL. And, this is just between you and me ;), this is first version of the bar, light one. Soon now one with hard core animations will be out to. But regardless to that, this version got plenty and it is unique piece of high quality furniture for fair price that will make you, your guests and visitors entertained and set in right mood for anything ;)

New is the PhotoHUD to, that allows you to change your animations not only through the touch menu but you can change it with the Photo HUD.  Every animation has a picture in the PhotoHUD you can scroll through to choose :)

I wont be talking much about Akaesha Revniks animations. In so many reviews i did say that they are premium quality and with each new product that she is releasing she just keep confirming that. what i really wanna to say, that in this point in time, you cant find anything so refined and with so many options in just 7 prims land impact and with price tad over 1000L$.

I can also say that on test for this review new *- ReACT Lite Body Shot Bar  -* did perform flawlessly, but i believe you know by now what customer service Akaesha ReACT Store have and that all her products are 100% safe buy with warranties and support 24/7.

With all that said, i recommend to all my readers to watch youtube video, try new *- ReACT Lite Body Shot Bar  -* in world store and im sure you will be pleasantly surprised just like i was testing it. Sl market place link and in world store link under the text:



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