Hole Fuck Wall v.4 Mesh

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Almost daily questions from you, my dear readers, that i appreciate so much, about more high quality urban/ghetto furniture did make me scan market more, and this is what i come up with; Hole Fuck Wall v.4 by Belle's Breath of Lust Design. Affordable in price, with many design options and hand made custom best quality animations this is definitely one of the best buy for this week. Plus is fresh updated and released on market yesterday.

Technical details and description from creator, BelleJour Shinn:

"*Belle's BoLD* Hole Fuck Wall v.4 Mesh

!! First: English is not my first Language!

!!Copy Version Only !!

This Box Contains:
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D1 Mesh"
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D2 Mesh"
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D3 Mesh"
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D4 Mesh"
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D5 Mesh"
"Hole Fuck Wall v.4 D6 Mesh"
* LM to my shops

* 31 Handmade Animations
* 3 x MLPV2.4 Menu in every Wall
* 5 Walls with different Textures
* Handmade Animations
* 5 Prim land impact
* Mesh

*!! PLEASE, Try Animation Inworld on my Sex Sim or Shops before you buy !

For info about MLPV2 ( example how to adjust the poseballs) read the "MLPV2 readme" please.

Animations/Mesh/Texture/Prims Handmade by BelleJour Shinn

If you have a question or problem with my Items, than please send me a notecard with your Name, Product-Name, Sell-Date and/or

full transaction history from sale and what happened with the item. This will help me to help you better and faster.

Thank you and enjoy,
BelleJour Shinn
*Belle's BoLD* Belle's Breath of Lust Design and Belle's Back-Door Shop."

First that you will notice after you open purchase box is that you have many different designs of the Hole Fuck Wall v.4 none with texture changer. And if you wanna my honest opinion, i like that solution, less scripts in furniture means less lag.

Hole Fuck Wall v.4 is ideal for group orgies on kinky sim places, even toilets, or where ever you like them to be rezzed. Each Hole Fuck Wall v.4 contains 3 separate sex menus, that can be used separately or all in same time by one or up to 3 mf or mfm couples.

Hole Fuck Wall v.4 menu is made in MLPV2.4z9 system, well proven and stable, and all animations in side are top quality, long in duration and frames per second rich, made and put together to provide you with maximum visual animated stimulation for your sexual RP scenario.

I did say this so man times before when it comes to BelleJour Shinn's furniture but i will say it again; don't let the cheap price scares you away. Price is only cheap because Belle wanna to keep her furniture affordable to all in SL, quality and performance is always top of the line.

With all that said i do recommend Hole Fuck Wall v.4 and all other fine Belle's Breath of Lust Design creations to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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