N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: alecat Breda

- N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor

I did say before that alecat Breda, owner and creator of N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor knows how to run store in SL. His unquestionable quality in making products, flawless animations, presence to all SL major furniture fairs and my blog, making you my dear readers, to notice his products and sending me request do do more review of them. I'm grateful for that, and like always, i try fulfill each request that i can.

So today, for your reading pleasure we have brand new just released N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF available in Gay MM version also.

Technical details and description from creator, alecat Breda:

"100% Original Roleplay Mesh Design and finish.

A 3m x 4m prison cell which will fit in with your style, period and RP. Texture options included wood, old brick and concrete.

RLV enabled
Kool Door scripts (upgrade ready for roleplay purposes)
Rez chains and rings where needed
Gives cuffs to the prisoner
More than 70 high quality animations ensure an awesome experience

N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - Land impact 9 (including the bed)
N4RS Prison Seat - Land Impact 1
N4RS Galvanized Bucket - Land Impact 1

Available in Straight MF - and Gay MM versions"

Flicker page:


First what i would like to say, like always when we have N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor Product purchase case in front of us, we do realize its set and not just one product in side. Beside N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF, made in 100% high LOD mesh with texture changer with only 9 prims land impact and bed with animation menu in side, you will also find bucket, prison seat for in side and out side the cell in wood. So all that you need for whole scenery is already in side and u getting it all in highest quality at one fair price.

By clicking th cell you will scan for RLV relays in range. By sitting on bed in side you will get the main sex menu.

Main menu is simple and easy to use, made in no pose balls system, divided on following sub menus: solo, couple, give cuffs, textures, RLV and adjust button. So as you can see plenty to play and choose from :)

N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF is also available Gay version with copy permission.

To make conclusion about this new well made N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF beside unquestionable high quality animations used in this new fine set and flawless performance on test for this review i really wanna emphasize the level of quality that whole set has. Low in prim and high in details. Really well above average, with extremely detailed and realistic features this new N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF is safe and smart buy. Again purchase box contains more then one item and allowing you to have whole set and scene with out any additional time or money waist. One of the finest furniture that you can find out there at the moment.

With all that said i do recommend new N4RS Bullock Prison Cell - MF and other fine N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor products to all my readers and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place Store:


In World Store:


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