[AA] Sex Street Sign & Bus Sex Engine

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

This review today is proof that sometimes you can see tree form the woods. I'm good friend with Alina Graf ever since i joined SL and i really thought i know her Alina animations store like my back pocket, but when i was asked from couple of you, my dear readers, why i never did review of her [AA] Sex Street Sign & Bus Sex Engine. I did see Bus Sex Engine but i really did not see Sex Street Sign.

Shame on me for that, because [AA] Sex Street Sign is really essential and necessity for any bikers, urban or bbc sim. So let me fix my mistake and i hope you will enjoy the review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:


Same product in two versions but with same poses:
Bus pole to place in any but or subway. Urban sex role play for harassment and sex in buses. Or Street sign with texture changer for the hot signs.

Perfect for your urban sim or adult land.


• 2 products in one box: bus pole and street sign
• Adjustable size pole to fit any bus (bus version)
• 108 animations
• 55 poses
• 2 role play sequences
• 2 prims only (bus version) / 3 prims (street sign)
• Texture changer with 10 menu driven street signs (street sign)
• Mod & Copy permissions


In just 2 prims for Bus/subway Sex Engine and 3 prims land impact for Sex Street Sign Alina did manage to put in all that you need for perfect urban RP scenario with amazing texture changer that will personalize Sex Street Sign to fit perfect on your sim and to blend in perfectly in sim theme. And lets not forget, you getting bout of them in same purchase box for more then fair price ;)

[AA] Sex Street Sign & Bus Sex Engine have identical menu, made in XPOSE (version 4.0) system, logical and easy to use, divided on following sub menus: harass mf, oral mf, sex 1 mf, sex 2 mf, cum mf, sequences, harass mmf, sex mmf and options button.

With this new high quality products, [AA] Sex Street Sign & Bus Sex Engine, Alina is giving us again more premium animations and expanding ways that we can RP in SL. All animations used in this new product, [AA] Sex Street Sign & Bus Sex Engine are hand made by her, and product of many years experience and skills in adult animations making in SL. Duration long, and frames per second rich to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenario.

On test for this review new [AA] Phone Booth V2M did performed flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With that said, i do recommend new [AA] Phone Booth V2M and other fine Alina animations products to all my readers that you can find on Sl market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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