Abiss double feature;

the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition - both femdom and maledom club chair with 136&160 animations BDSM

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

My dear readers this will be different review from my "usual" ones. Please let me explain; all of you know that i deal with new quality furniture on daily basis, and i do look at SL furniture like on RL guns. I like to shoot them on the range, blasting cans and targets and if they are fun for that i will review them. If they are not, for any reason, good enough or fun enough i wont bash or saying bad things about them, i just wont review them. So all furniture that you can read about on my blog true all those years ill did have fun with, i did enjoy and they are high quality products. And i still use them, will use them and enjoy them in my own SL home.

But same like in gun world, now and then, you just have something extraordinary out there on market, piece of craftsmanship that for some reason; high quality, design or ergonomic superiority, technical features or any other reason, leaves permanent mark in gun world, like m 1911, like m 1 garand, like ak 47, like m 16, like cz 75, like glock. Now i'm saying all this because i believe that new the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition are and will be the 1911 .45 of the classic armchairs.

And please do me a favor, before you go in world store to look at them or rez them, be sure to have advanced lighting activated in your preferences.

Technical details and description from creator, Frasha Boa:

"This package includes BOTH Master and Mistress edition armchairs plus PG version.

The Master Chair, Takes your 50 shades to 60 shades of Abiss

Sipping your cognac, you watch as your pet kneels at your feet waiting for your first command. The smell of fine leather and the shine of freshly polished wood please you as does the sight of a lovely woman awaiting your touch.

This BSDM chair would make even Christian Grey envious with its smooth animations, and huge menu, guaranteed to put even the most well trained pet through her paces, and a smile on her masters face.

The Mistress Chair, It's Anastasia's turn, 50 Shades to 60 shades of Abiss

Exhausted, you walk through the door, kick off your heels, drop your briefcase, sit in your favorite chair. Your servant stands at the ready, waiting to fulfill your every desire from feeding you grapes to providing you a place to rest your feet,
and so much more.

This BDSM Femdom chair is exquisitely crafted with smooth animations and a large menu to choose from, leaving both you and your servant satiated, content and ready to tackle another difficult day.

Abiss Design is proudly presents:
the Armchair - Master + Mistress edition

Technical stuff:
mod and copy permissions
5 prims land impact
100% mesh
ultra high detailed textures
materials enabled
good LOD even on default settings (slow hardware)

Customization options:
7 leather upholstery textures to choose
4 frame finish texture options
texture access control

165 animations mostly custom made
Master / Slave (independent control - each avatar has option to choose its pose, or be told which one to choose)
Couples maledom poses, humiliation, slave use, sex, masturbation ...
6 different props (book, pipe, papers, cigar, cognac glass, tea)

For complete experience, visit our demo model at store!"

Definitely high class and luxury, But in just right amount, nothing to tacky or to much. Right amount of elegance and timeless design that did stood the test of time in perfect SL version. Something that says "yeah im loaded with cash but i got style and education to". When you sit on it and get the menu, you will see that it says "yeah im kinky as hell to" but more about that later ;)

First lets say few more things about those modern classic the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition; classic and timeless by the outside look, but in side all the latest features and standards in SL adult furniture making industry. 100% high LOD mesh, low prim (5 LI), texture changer, AVsitter™2.1 no pose balls system with easy to use and well defined menu loaded with premium high quality animations, covering all from solo sits to domination and couple sex.

Only things that this new fine product don't have is RLV and dances. But then again, the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition is not something that you wanna place in some dark stone dungeon or some neon lighted strip club. Remember what i did said before, class and elegance ;) So even tho this new fine chair will not leash your sub or make her/him do lap dance for you, it will give you book, tea, papers, cognac, cane, pipe.

And that brings us to the part for who is this the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition attended to have. Short answer will be all. And let me say before i go any deeper in to that, all of them are in copy permission. PG version is available, so even if you are not dominant person, and you don't like sex menus in some areas of your home/club because of your small kids or what ever, you still can enjoy in elegance and style of this fine product. If you are club owner, of class club, go for it, your visitors will be thrilled. And by all means, all of us, that like to have our own private well decorated and elegant homes. With this new product you raising visual and functional value of any indoor space.

Now with big set, the Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition - both femdom and maledom club chair with 136&160 animations BDSM, you getting all 3 of them, Master & Mistress edition and PG one, all in copy, and naturally significantly less priced then when you buy each of them separate. if you are just dominate male or dominate female, no problem, there is separate version of the Armchair by Abiss just for you, and you can enjoy it just with yours female/male sub.

With all that said and with my recommendation, you can find this new Armchair by Abiss - Master & Mistress edition and other fine Abiss Interior Design Products on SL market place or in wold store, on links under the text:

SL Market Place:

Master & Mistress edition:


Master edition:


Mistress edition:


PG edition:


In World Store:


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