J.L. Designs Saturday double feature;

J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jay Lordhunter

- J.L. Designs

Jay Lordhunter, owner and creator of J.L. Designs store is making big steps to please his customers and provide them with awesome products for RP. Latest creation from him J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh), high detailed and in perfect time for season, so lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Jay Lordhunter:

*Note: Products are available in PG and adult version. Menus in adult version are identical, so technical data will be given "just" for J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh)

".::: J.L. Designs Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult 1.0 (Texture/Color Changeable):::.

Also available in PG version!

Prims & Permissions
Spa set includes items below and feature a high detail mesh design!
**Whole Set = 40 land impact**
•Massage Table = 8 land impact
•Massage Cart w/Decor = 6 land impact
•Table = 3 land impact
•Room Divider w/Vase = 5 land impact
•Spa Tray = 4 land impact
•2 Folded Towels = 1 land impact
•3 Hanging Frames = 2 land impact
•Orchid Planter = 2 land impact
•Folded Towels Lg = 1 land impact
•Candle Group = 5 land impact
•Buddha Statue = 1 land impact

• Includes 8 table leather choices, 9 wood choices and 65 towel combinations to choose from that can be accessed from the menu.

• Permissions - COPY / MOD / No Transfer. This set is Copy and Modify. That means you can modify the different parts of the item itself. The contents of the items (scripts, animations and rezzable props) are not modifiable or transferable.

J.L. Designs is happy to present the NEW Adult Edition Massage Engine. This set is powered by the latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine and features 180 poses with 356 animations from some of Second Life's finest creators.

If you are looking for pleasure and want a item that stands out from the rest then this is the massage spa set to do it with. Alot of detail and attention was put into creating a fairy tale atmosphere for you and give to you the most realistic and pleasurable experience possible. Whatever mood you'r in, you will find something in this set to satisfy your needs. From a satisfying massage to something a lot more hardcore. Beautifully sculpted and textured furniture that stands out from the rest.

A lot of time has been put into making this a well organized and very easy to use menu. This set is 100% XCite! compatible and will react with your XCite! parts both male and female. Male tilt angles have been preset so all poses line up where they should. Our texture changing system will provide many different choices for you to customize the look and feel to match just about any room you use it in.

J.L. Designs Massage - Adult Engine Features:
• 356 Quality Sensual Animations
• 180 poses loaded (206 defined)
• 36 Well laid out and easy to navigate menus.
• Multiple sequenced sets for Male & Female..

• Latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine for smooth operation and minimal script impact on sim usage.
• Facial animations and Xcite! ON / OFF options.
• Setting controls for who can access your menu (Owner Only / Group / All)
• EASY to adjust positions using XPOSE bars to fit different Avatar heights/sizes. (see help notecard)
• XCite! Compatible - automatically adjusts arousal levels and genital tilt for a realistic experience.
• Unique Color and Texture changing system lets you change the look and feel of the whole set with a simple integrated menu system. Even on unlinked set pieces. (Cart, Table, Room Divider, etc.)
• Many features for you to explore and discover.

Come and visit our store in world to see a demo and see all the wonderful designs we have to offer."

Similar jet different in small details, but same in top shelf quality in build and performance, with smallest parts build to highest standards. Almost endless options in texturing from all parts, superb sex menu, and last but not least all included in set for more then fair price. With purchase of new J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) you just cant go wrong, its safe and smart investment.

First advantage that i would like to mention, beside low price is that all items are in rezzer, same like any SL house. So you rez the box click to get menu and rez the set. Will you keep all out, or just some parts, its fully up to you. But you don't have to spend additional time and money on searching, matching and buying any decoration or anything like that.

Another big advantage, in my eyes, is that this new J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) are bout indoor and outdoor friendly; in summer they are ideal for beach or tiki house, in winter for some warm room in side for that sensual and relaxing moments with someone special.

To put long story short, another great all around product from J.L. Designs Store, that offers so much for fair price to so many communities in SL. From family PG relaxing to hard core sex massages experiences. And all that in low prims and price and copy permission.

Naturally all the animations used in this fine new product are high in quality, duration and frames per second long, so all is perfect regarding to that. Also on test for this review new J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) did preformed flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and all items where rezzing in right places in right time. I was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said, i do recommend this well made new J.L. Designs -Yin Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) & J.L. Designs -Yang Massage Spa Set - Adult (mesh) and other fine J.L. Designs products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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