BH 2.4 bondage bed dirty

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

It seems like urban/ghetto sims are in now, and im getting more and more requests from you, my dear readers, to review furniture for that kinda places. Many also asking for bed that would i recommend for it, that will be low in prims, good in design, RLV, bondage and with awesome animations. In this case my job was easy, because BH 2.4 bondage bed dirty is exactly all that. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Britt Halberstam:

"Thank for your interest on a BH dirty bondage bed 2.4

The 2.4 BH bondage bed dirty need only 4 prim (8 prim temporary more for poseballs and posts if used)

* unique high detailed long loop bdsm animations
* 120 animations
* high detailed posts and bindings
* realistic facial expressions
* undress your sub with true animations
* sequences with correct animated transitions between animations
* realistic representation of bondage including showing of ropes
* fast adjusting Position without the options menu
* works with the most commonly used cuffs in SL (LockGuard V2)
* includes free cuffs and free tk relay (copyable with giver box)
* unique look for RP

RLV features:
* the victim gets cuffs (added to the RLV folder) and wears them automatically (the bed checks if the victim is wearing cuffs or already has
BH-Cuffs in his/her RLV folder)
* the victim is locked and unable to touch anything on the screen while using bondage poses (impossible to reach the menu from the bed)
* undress the victim with true animations and do it really !!!! (the bed undresses the victim and prevents the victim dresses him-/herself
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function
All animations in the BH bed are developed by Britt Halberstam.
I didn't like to fill the beds with a lot of freebie animations as usual in lot's of other products, to give you a really unique experience with high quality animations that are unique in SL.

Enjoy the highly detailed construction, unique animations and realistic bindings you never have seen before in SL."

In my humble opinion, Britt Halberstam is one of top 4 creator/animators in SL at the moment. Bed, just with 4 prims land impact is ideal for any urban grunge, ghetto, slum, prison, apocalypse or similar scenery. Unique and high detailed.

Main menu is user friendly, made in well known MLPV2.4z7 system, divided on following sub menus: lick & more, cuddle, miss-sub, boy- girl, bondage1, bondage2, bondage3, dress & sequ, scan/item, RLV and options button.

Animations are true jewels of this fine product, BH 2.4 bondage bed dirty. Premium and top quality by any standards and unique just for BH Animations products it will provide you, and insure, with best animated visual support for your sensual and erotic RP scenario.

On test for this review, BH 2.4 bondage bed dirty did preform impeccable, animations where smooth in transition and well aligned, chains/ropes where rezzing great, RLV was working with out any problems and i was not able to find any flaw to this fine product.

With all that said i do recommend this unique BH 2.4 bondage bed dirty and other fine BH Animations products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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