Animalive***Sub's Destiny Bed NO COPY

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

New product from AnimAlive Store, Animalive***Sub's Destiny Bed, that i'm reviewing today is true submission product to the core, so all you dom's and mistresses out there that have look for one be sure to pay attention to this one please ;)

Description and technical details from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"New BDSM Master/Subby device for those who like it rough! Set of 22 couple HQ custom animations with REZZABLE CAGE that has own menu with 42 sub's animations. Amazing unique textures and mesh prims, additional stuff, particle chains and menu easy-to-handle will bring lot of fun and exciting erotic experience in your game. All that you need for play with bed - in one menu. Just click to get cuffs, Master's adds or Cage for your sub! Use prepared scene or create your own scenario to molest/rape your captured sub!

Bed options:
- 44 HQ original animations made by AnimAlive only (22 couples)
- interactive logical menu (Rezzable Cage and Give Items all in one menu)
- 1 sequence to feel complete scene (~22 minutes playtime)
- 11 prims of original custom mesh design
- unique props
- additional stuff to wear for sub and master (cuffs, cig, spermspot, etc)
- Bright Cuffs/ LockGuard compatible (particle chain)
- modify (change prim count or textures)
- opportunity to create own scenes (editing notecards)
- RLV-capture poseball (sub may be captured - rlv relay needed)

Rezzable Cage:
- 42 HQ original animations made by AnimAlive only (for single sub)
- RLV-capture poseball (sub may be captured - rlv relay needed)
- interactive logical menu
- 9 prims of original custom mesh design
- unique props
- Bright Cuffs/ LockGuard compatible (particle chain)
- copyable

NOTE: item is no copy and no transfer. You cant exchange, refund or return it!

Have fun and feel free ask any question!
Iren Tinkel. 2014"

With awesome design for cell or basement, dark cold place where you keeping your sub that needs to be punished or put in hers/his place this bed will thrill you with all the options in side. Beside RLV and bondage it will rez cage and all that you need for great RP.

Main menu is build in MLPV2.4z9 system, easy to use, divided on following sub menus: beginning, end, scene, give items, rez cage, and options button.

Animations are chosen one, in high quality to provide you with great visual animated stimulation for RP scenario of your choice.

On test for this review new Animalive***Sub's Destiny Bed did perform spotlessly, all animations are smooth in transition, RLV was working fine, all objects where rezzing ok and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With that said i can recommend this new Animalive***Sub's Destiny Bed and other fine AnimAlive Store products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or inworld store on links under the text:



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