AnimAlive *Extreme Desires Rug

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

Well know and established AnimAlive Store got new "super toy" for all mistresses and male subs; AnimAlive *Extreme Desires Rug, filled up with amazing animations and new ideas for femdom play. So lets start with review ;)

Technical details and description from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"DEMO in store!!! Dont waste your money for poor-made copies - get original!

Tried all with your partner and think how else he may entertain you? I bet you never saw THAT before!

Self-suck lessons are opened! AnimAlive offers something new for your sex experience: unexpected humiliation and surprising pleasure, extreme fun and sudden positions, HQ animations and fresh decisions - enjoyable time for you and your partner is promised! You even could not suspect what a flexible king he may be, make him to get Master Degree in self-sucking college! But attention: this kind of fun is only for extreme pervs, no vanilla kitties and sweet romantics!

MUST-HAVE for every Mistress!

In the box:
2(!!!) versions included:

1. HUD - wearable device - MLP engine inside(balls rezzing):
- 14 HQ original animations made specially for this device
- 1 sequence to feel complete scene (~5 minutes playtime)
- opportunity to create own scenes (editing notecards)

2. Rug - rezzable on the land - AvSitter engine inside(no balls rezzing):
- 14 HQ original animations made specially for this device
- 1 sequence to feel complete scene (~5 minutes playtime)
- modify - you can change textures on the prim or make it invisible adding to your furniture

Also Perv's Dildo and Sperm Spots are included for your complete fun.
Very emotional face expressions!
(HUD is mod, rug is transfer)"

Low in prims, just 2 land impact, this new AnimAlive *Extreme Desires Rug is easy to fit in any outdoor and indoor space of your choosing, so no excuses that you don't have prims or free space for it ;)

After you open purchase box you will notice hud in side. That's just another option to use this product; hud will give you mlpv menu with pose balls and using just rug will give you same menu but in no pose balls AVsitter™ 1.27 system.

Animations are unique, specially made for this new fine product. They are in high quality, duration long and frames per second rich, put together to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your erotic RP scenario.
All animations can be used individually or as one 5 minutes long scene.

All together well made and unique item for all in femdom fetish and i recommend it for that purpose of RP to all my readers. It can be find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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