Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: DaSein Noyes

- Archdemon - Dark Addictions store


DaSein Noyes, Owner and creator of Archdemon - Dark Addictions store did released his new creation, Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY, great new product that can be used indoors and outdoors, with awesome menu and plenty of options. Like always, he is giving 20% money back refund for all of you my dear readers, tat will be transfered to you after your purchase of any Archdemon - Dark Addictions store product and contacting DaSein Noyes by im's or note card. Just please contact DaSein Noyes in 14 days after the purchase not in couple month ;)

Technical details and description from creator, DaSein Noyes:


A+ THE Hanging Bed is an animated mesh furniture item with capacity of 5

Land impact 9 prim (6 prim without pergola)
Texture change presets

Both male-sits-first and female-sits-first versions included (otherwise identical)
'No Pergola' version of the bed is included
(This consists of the mattress and pillow/covers on a floor palate)

Extended-play sequenced animations
Integrated MFF animation scenes

AVsitter2 (no poseballs - remembers personal adjustments)
Select option allows targeted swaps between individual sitting positions

The bed is ideal for use by one two or three avis with many cuddles for 4 or 5
and although all maximum 5 are involved in all scenes
the sexual interactions are generally among the primary 3 sitters

DaSein Noyes

Unusually tall female avatars and unusually short male avatars will need to do personal adjustments and this item may not be suitable for them
Please try the item in-world before purchase"

First thing that i will like to say about new Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY is the versatility. It comes with pergola and texture changer and also in just hanging version so you can use it indoors or outdoors what ever you like more, or bout. No unlinking needed, just rezz version that you like, match with texture changer to fit your environment and enjoy :)

Main menu is user friendly, made in AVsitter™2.0 no pose balls system divided on following sub menus: single, hang, cuddle, serve, service, ride, bride, front, rear, mmf and adjust button. So as you can read its something for all in side. Well chosen and all around menu.

Animations used in this new Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY are carefully selected, high in quality and duration long to provide you with finest visual animated stimulation in your sensual and erotic RP moments.

On test for this review, new Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY, did perform with out any problems, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned for average sized avatars and whole bed did leave impression of well made quality product.

With all that said, i do recommend this new Archdemon-A+ THE Hanging Bed 2.14 COPY and other fine Archdemon - Dark Addictions store products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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