Stroker Serpentine, the Legend is back!

This will be little bit different then i usually do things, my dear readers, but there is big reason why im doing it this way. I have two main goals that i wanna achieve with this text, to remind "old" SL users about some things and educate new ones. So grab your self favorite beverage and lets get started ;)

We all end up in SL in different ways and for different reasons; recommendation of the friend, google search, watching certain episodes of CSI NY (like yours truly) etc. And im sure that i was matter of hours for each new user to get in contact with sexual RP side of SL. Many options to choose from, many ways to do it. Now if you did do it 10 years ago, Strokerz Toyz made by Stroker Serpentine, was way to go. Cadillac of adult furniture, advanced, superior and easy to use. Man and furniture a head of his time.

Real life comes first for all of us, and Stroker Serpentine did slow down his SL, but legend did stay. Many videos and interviews, that you can find on you tube, about first one who did cross the gap between RL and SL in so significant way that even people not involved in SL must recognize. One of the first that did show us that in this word created by users for users, with knowledge, skills and hard work you really can accomplish a lot.

Times and technology did changed, in adult furniture world xcite did replaced mlpv, then it was replaced by AVsitter. Prims was replaced by sculpt maps, then mesh come around. Same with animations, but i dont wanna bug you and sound complicated, what i wanna to tell you is that legend is back! Stroker Serpentine reopen his Strokerz Toyz store again, and working on new fine adult furniture. Not in old style, in new, modern, high tech way.

With all the experience from before, and new technology from today, we can expect superb adult furniture products coming our way and enhancing our RP to whole new levels.

Personally, i'm very pleased to announce to you that all the fine Strokerz Toyz products will be reviewed and presented on my blog and you will be informed about all that this creative and down to earth adult legend has in store for us now. 

Till then fell free to visit his just reopened store on link under the text, with my recommendation, naturally ;)

In World Store:


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